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Short Layered Bob Haircuts For Women

Are you someone who has thick and short hair and are you not sure which hairstyle to wear? There are too many styles in the market today and we don’t blame you if you’re not sure what suits your hair type. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. In this article we will cover one hairstyle in […]

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Short Weave Hairstyle For Black Women

One common alternative to the popular weave hairstyle for black women is the short weave hairstyle. Generally when women think weave, they think long hair but we are here today to showcase that it need not be the case every single time. You can have some very fun, quirky and vibrant short weave hairstyles as […]

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Farrah Fawcett Hairstyles

The Charlie’s angel star, Farrah Fawcett has been a style icon for decades going back to as early as the 1970s. The original ‘angel’ with her dirty blonde locks has right from those days set the standard for what good blonde hair should look like. Her hairstyles are still taken for inspiration and are still […]

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Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Hairstyles

Today we showcase the style of Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the former Miss World(1994) and one of the most popular Bollywood actresses of all time who is both an inspiration and a style icon for women not in India but throughout the globe. Aishwarya Rai is known for her signature long brown hair with just […]

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35 Box fade haircut for men

Everybody likes to get a hairstyle which showcases their attitude. For a lot of men, the box fade fits that bill perfectly. Masculine and short, this hairstyle adds a good squareness to the contours of the face while being easy to maintain and style at the same time Men of African-American rap artists in 80’s […]

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Stunning Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Women

Bored of the look that you are carrying for past few months? Are you searching of entirely different look for this season? Then you are looking in the right place. The answer is: The asymmetrical bob haircut.   Asymmetrical hairstyles have been gaining a lot of attention and fanfare lately in the past decade or so […]

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Exotic Chinese Bob Haircuts for Women

Bob haircuts are one of the most popular haircuts ever. They are worn by almost all age groups and if Cosmopolitan magazine is to believed, bob haircuts are one of the top five popular haircuts opted by women for quite a few decades in a row now.  With such popularity of the bob haircut, it […]

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A-Line Bob Haircuts for Women

Many women love the bob hairstyle and rightfully so because what’s not to love about a bob hairstyle? Low maintenance, a sharp sleek look and easy to pair with any style, the bob haircut is a fantastic choice for a lot of modern women. Out of all the different variations of the bob cut, and […]

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Undercut with beard styles for men

Undercut and beard is a match made in heaven because they make a seriously bold statement and sexy look for most men out there. Sure, it takes the right kind of confidence and attitude to grooming to pull off the look but when done right, the style speaks for itself. This undercut hairstyle is a […]

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