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Fabulous Hairstyles With Bangs

If you think bangs are just for celebrities then you’re completely wrong. You can rock bangs just like the women you see on the screen do (with just a little help and encouragement from our end.) Bangs are a fantastic hairstyle for all women of all hair types and textures. A lot of women are […]

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black hairstyles hairstyles for women mohawk

58 Natural Hairstyles to Inspire You To Go Natural

  Natural hairstyles consist of men, women and children sporting their hair proudly in its natural state, in its very element, rather than using chemical or mechanical manipulations which change it from its natural state.   The Natural hair movement is on the rise as more and more women are transitioning from chemically treated hair […]

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hairstyles for women medium hair

Medium hairstyles: Best Styles to Make Medium Hair Fun Again

Medium length hair is sassy and elegant. It’s the perfect middle ground between oh-its-too-long-too-manage and oh-its-too-short You can wear it for weddings, proms, dinners, formal occasions or casual meetups. It also works with most face shapes and hair types and offers a plethora of different styles for you to choose from. Some women might feel […]

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braids fancy hairstyles for women medium hair short hair updos

Updos for Short Hair: Handpicked Short Hair Updo Styles

The Internet keeps buzzing with hairstyles for longer hair but when it comes to short hair things go quiet because the braids, buns, updos and other styles that work effortlessly for longer hair don’t work so well on shorter hair. This leaves most short haired women to just compromise and opt for simple bobs or […]

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2017 fancy hairstyles for women special occasions updos

88 Must-See Beautiful Updo Hairstyles & Variations

An updo is a hair style in which the hair is arranged up instead of letting it freely fall down. Don’t mistake it for a boring pony or bun though because updos are one of the most elegant as well as interesting hairstyles out there. Updos are generally done for wedding, proms or similar occasion […]

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black hairstyles hairstyles for women

35 Simple But Beautiful Weave Hairstyles For Black Women

A weave is a hairstyle created by weaving pieces of real or artificial hair into a person’s existing hair, typically in order to increase its length or thickness.   Weave hairstyles are very common these days and you can see everyone from celebrities to your next door neighbor rock it comfortably. Weave hairstyles not only […]

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hairstyles for women older women

67 Age-Reversing Hairstyles for women over 50

Just because you’ve crossed a certain age as a woman, does not mean that you have to resort to dull clothes and a boring hairstyle. Things have changed over the past decade for women over 50. The rules set by the society for older women on how they should dress, act or conduct themselves have […]

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Interesting Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Emo hairstyles are a common hairstyles that many teens try out. Emo hairstyles are based on the looks of punk rock and alternative rock musicians and usually consist of bold hair color shades like red, purple, pink and cyan. The hair color is paired with styles like bangs and top knots making for a very […]

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fancy hairstyles for women layered haircuts

51 Must-See Layered Haircut To See Before Your Next Salon Trip

Layered hair is beautiful and classy and is a blessing to most women especially thin haired ladies because it helps add the illusion of length and volume to your hair. Layered hairstyles add a ton of personality to every single lock and layer of your hair. What is a layered haircut? A layered haircut is […]

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