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Gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Hairstyles

Today we showcase the style of Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the former Miss World(1994) and one of the most popular Bollywood actresses of all time who is both an inspiration and a style icon for women not in India but throughout the globe. Aishwarya Rai is known for her signature long brown hair with just […]

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fade haircut hairstyles for men mohawk short hair

35 Box fade haircut for men

Everybody likes to get a hairstyle which showcases their attitude. For a lot of men, the box fade fits that bill perfectly. Masculine and short, this hairstyle adds a good squareness to the contours of the face while being easy to maintain and style at the same time Men of African-American rap artists in 80’s […]

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bobs hairstyles for women

Stunning Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for Women

Bored of the look that you are carrying for past few months? Are you searching of entirely different look for this season? Then you are looking in the right place. The answer is: The asymmetrical bob haircut.   Asymmetrical hairstyles have been gaining a lot of attention and fanfare lately in the past decade or so […]

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bobs hairstyles for women short hair

Exotic Chinese Bob Haircuts for Women

Bob haircuts are one of the most popular haircuts ever. They are worn by almost all age groups and if Cosmopolitan magazine is to believed, bob haircuts are one of the top five popular haircuts opted by women for quite a few decades in a row now.  With such popularity of the bob haircut, it […]

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bobs hairstyles for women medium hair short hair

A-Line Bob Haircuts for Women

Many women love the bob hairstyle and rightfully so because what’s not to love about a bob hairstyle? Low maintenance, a sharp sleek look and easy to pair with any style, the bob haircut is a fantastic choice for a lot of modern women. Out of all the different variations of the bob cut, and […]

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bobs hairstyles for women long hair

Glamorous Long bob haircuts

  The long bob or lob is considered to be a very flattering and stylish haircut. It’s classy and elegant and always in trend. It looks good on different face shapes and hair textures. However, that doesn’t make it boring nor ordinary. There is a whole lot of varieties to choose from! When you don’t […]

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Quick Hairstyles for girls in their 20s

As a young girl in her 20s, the struggle is real when it comes to styling your hair in the morning whether you are a student, a fresh intern or working a 9-5 job. Washing and styling your hair early in the early hours of morning can be a tedious pain-in-the-backside task. You probably won’t […]

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celebrity hairstyles hairstyles for women

33 Stunning Demi Moore Hairstyles

A signature Demi Moore hairstyle is her gorgeous middle parted, long and sleek hair. This beautiful lass that always steals hearts when she steps on the red carpets, is known for her signature long hairstyle. But if you think that’s the only style she has rocked, then you are mistaken. There are plenty of shorter […]

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22 Stunning Dark Brown Hair Color hairtyles

A dark brown color that is enriched with chocolate tones is an image of timeless sophistication and gives the appearance of elegance and grace. Today we will take a look at some of the best dark brown hair color styles out there for you to try out on your next trip to the salon. Dark […]

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