Reese Witherspoon Hairstyles

We all know about Reese Witherspoon and are also well known about her hairstyles, but not her hair color because usually she doesn’t experiment with her hair colour. Whatever she does with her hairstyles, we can see that she always does her hair with her natural colour (blonde) only. Her signature look from her Elle Woods days is with her blonde locks and a big smile on her face. She makes her hair look healthy, bouncy and shiny.

The Beach Waves
Her appearance with beach wave hairstyle was graceful. This is a perfect hairstyle for a day out or any other occasion in summer or spring. It is very easy to do hair and an add on to volume up your hairs with the locks open. Pair it up with nude shade make up and you will get an extraordinary and soothing look.

The Retro Curls
When you are styling your hairs in this look then keep your make-up subdued. This hair can be done by anybody but this will compliment you more if you have a fine hair. This hairstyle is not very hard but to keep your curly locks along with rest of the hair in one side and give your hair a thicker volume.

The Carefree Look
You need nothing to get this hairstyle. You only need to use light products which will not hair look greasy yet shiny. You only need to focus on the base while you are blowing your hair dry.

The Playful Ponytail
If you have a long plan from morning to evening than this style can help you. It will look stylish and also very comfortable. You don’t need much time to do this hairstyle but proper technique to maintain it. Keep your ponytail loose with your curly locks open. To add more grace you can add few braids too.

Straight Hairstyle
Another one of Reese Witherspoon’s signature hairstyles is her straight hairstyle. It is not always that short hair looks good straight but she manages to carry it as well as her long hair does when its straight. If you have thin hair than try this style to give your hair a voluminous look. Trim it in every two months to avoid layers and do flaunt.

Straight Lob
This style will be ideal if you have fine long hair just like Reese. This hairstyle will help you with versatile look and the minimal layers will really look good and give you a stylish and comfortable look.

The above-mentioned hairstyles are very easy to maintain and comfortable. You can easily have this by yourself also. You just need to consult with your hairstylist to choose the perfect one with you and they will help you to trim up and also help you to flaunt in your hairstyle just like Reese Witherspoon. So be choosy, be stylish.

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