Many untold facts in the world are surprising and amazing if known. One of these untold facts is that most women in the ’90s rushed to the salon and asking the stylist or the barber to give them only the specific haircut. And this haircut surprisingly is the most lovely hairstyle that is first worn by the well-known artist Jennifer Aniston’s in the most famous TV show “FRIENDS”. This haircut got its name from her “Rachel Green” character she played in the TV show. The hairstyle became as popular as the TV show and this made most women wanted to try out this haircut. Let’s know more about this most popular stylish haircut.

What is Rachel Haircut and Why is it so famous?

It is a bouncy, face-framing square-cut hairstyle discovered especially for the character “Rachel Green” in a popular TV show. Her hairstyle got great appreciation and is always loved by women to try on. The show is wildly popular, it not only caught the eyes of the viewers for its story but also the hairstyle created a great impact on people’s mind about hairstyling.

The hairstyle is a medium hair length hairstyle cut till the shoulders and with enough volume to cover up the neck. Women found it more satisfying when trying out a hairstyle that is discovered especially for an artist because they felt that gave them the celebrity look. For a precise and accurate haircut, most women took video clips and photos of the character from the tv show with them to show to their barber, such as the impact of the hairstyle on the women.

This bouncy hairstyle gives you a voluminous and bouncy effect to your hair. The haircut was so popular as it always looked simple and sophisticated yet stylish and trendy. Teenagers and young women chose this hairstyle who wanted to have long layers with side-swept short pieces of hair.

How to make this hairstyle look perfect?

No matter how famous a hairstyle is, one must always chose something that suits them well and brings out the grace. This hairstyle may not suit everyone but you can always give it a try after discussing it with a trusted stylist. It might give this immense satisfaction of trying out a celebrity hairstyle but it also takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it. A celebrity’s hairstyle is always well maintained and always kept in place because of the professional hairdresser who styles up the celeb.

The haircut is not a ready-to-go hairstyle, so if one is willing to give time and effort in styling it, then you can go for it. So, Haircare is needed relatively more compared to other hairstyles. You can try coloring your hair or use highlighters to give it this hairstyle your twist. This choppy layered hairstyle is one that never goes out of fashion and it has enough popularity and women fan-base to let it stay in the fashion industry for the coming decades.

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