Blunt Bob Hairstyles For Women

In this continually changing world of fashion and style, this never old classic haircut never really disappeared from the mainstream women fashion with its versatile and stylish customisations. But what is a Bob hair cut or Blunt Bob hairstyle? And how can we maintain it at home?

What does BOB HAIRCUT mean?
It is a shorter hairstyle that’s cut into a straight line at the ends often with bangs. Bob Haircut is always one among the well-known hairdos for women over the decades.
Well, the women are known for their fashion sense and their picky selections. They have a lot of things to the checklist when it comes to their hairstyling. Here are few which they check for before getting their haircut:
• efficiently carried out both at home and workplace

• Hassle-Free Styling

•  Fresh

• Low-Maintenance

• bouncy and glittering

However, bob haircuts differ in accordance to one’s hair texture, thickness and preference of look.


1) Bangs For BOB:
If one wishes to copy the hairstyling of famous models, athletes and celebrities, they can get it by Edgy Haircut with Fringes on front of your head. This is mostly recommended to the youngsters as they look amazingly good when they side sweep their hair.

2) Bangs with Blunt BOB:
Dark women who want to stand out among the other women they can use their hairstyling as their weapon by going for this haircut

3) BLONDE BLUNT and Layered:
This trendy and stylish haircut need little efforts but end up giving ravishing results. This gives you a complete, finished appearance.

4) Center parted BOB Hairstyle:
This Shoulder Length Haircut adds Stun and cuteness to the women. Of course, there are many variations in BOB, but this one is undoubtedly a considerable elegant style.

5) Long BLUNT BOB Hairstyle:
If one is searching for a cowgirl look haircut, then this is the one. This messy hairstyle gives a wild and crazy appearance to the person. Its straight cut at the edges has made it blunt bob.

HAIRSTYLES By Face type:

1) Heart-shaped: Chunky layered bob

2) Square-Shaped: Mid-Length Layered Bob

3) Oval face: stacked inverted bob

4) Round-Shaped: Long Bob

5) Oblong face: Chin length bob face

After the HAIRCUT, the central part is to maintain it and carry out easily anywhere.

Maintenance :

All these Blunt Bob Hairstyles are effortless to maintain and takes the hassle out of getting ready. Here are a FEW Hair products(not mentioning the brand to be used) for carrying out a well-maintained hairstyle:

1) Cream Wax: Use this through the hair and do not make spiky—this avoids stickiness of hair.

2) Beachy Spray: For messy appeal at affordable prices and for added texture and volume.

3) Styling Cream: Irrespective of your hair characteristics there are a wide range of products in the market to hold your hairstyle in place.

BLUNT BOB HAIRCUTS are more fashionable compared to layered and step cuts, and it is considered as the OFFICIAL HAIRCUT OF THE YEAR 2017.

Vogue summed it up in a 1988 story: “When a woman cuts her hair, she creates fresh erogenous zones and effects.”

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