Zooey Deschanel Hairstyles



The most pretty-talented American artist and singer/songwriter ‘Zooey Deschanel’ always manages to know how to outstand in life. Besides these, she is a great fashionista who style her hair in many different ways.


Nevertheless, with any of the vivid worth coping hairstyles she stays sweet and adorable. More than the messy looks, Zooey always prefer going on with the sleek textured hair type. In addition, you can always witness her with any type of bang style.


During the start of the career, she went on with the sleek straight hair in a Brigitte Bardot French new wave look left to fall off on both sides. She styled her bang in a unique way, making it into some three thick strands placed in a scattered way.


After that, she cut her bangs into straight blunt ends bangs across the forehead. She sported this bang style with her signature retro chic updo and accentuated this vintage look with a single floral accessory at the side.


From then, she gave a complete transformation look of blonde hair color. Her long hair has chopped into medium length, where the ends been twisted to form thick curls. For this style, she added a different bang style of centre parted making the bang split into two giving an angelic look.


To the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, the beauty played her hair into a dark black shade with caramel highlights on the ends alone. Along with the same previous bangs style, she used a headband to place after the bang.


With blue eyes and fanciful individual lashes, this look of her remains unique in her own way.


Zooey next bang style is the side-swept long hair look, where the loose wavy sleek texture of the remaining hair gives her a cute look. The pinky bow-bedecked headband suits well with her hairstyle.


Her best signature blunt end and straight long fringe added to the long layered pointed locks. The color accent of dark black shade with chocolate brown highlights makes her long locks glow shiny.






Later, she made her long lock straight hair into loose curls at the ends. The high bouffant look at the crown area with subtle amber highlights adds depth to her blue eyes. The thick locks falling off on both sides, offers a well-polished look.


At the premiere of the Our Idiot Brother, she debut her look with the straight bangs across the forehead and messy curly updo. Letting some strands to fall off from the updo, offers the perfect messy look.


With shimmering makeup and side-swept bangs, she let her long dark locks and slightly curved ends to fall at the one side front. Tucking the other side behind the ear, flatters her face very well.


For the golden globes, she won our hearts with blunt ends bangs reaching her eyes and styled the lob hair with ends curved inwards look. The concentrated high dark shades of the hair, makes the lob shine.


The artist swapped her lob haircut into a side messy braided bun with a big white floral accessory. The cat-eyes with long lashes and a bold lip gave her side bun a great look.

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