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There was belief that men do not have to be handsome, some decades ago. However, these days this myth has changed drastically and many celebrities have contributed to eradicate this belief by giving inspiring styles.


One amongst these super celebrities is the ‘Zac Efron’ who gained more attention seekers with his super cool hairstyles. He is also a style icon encouraging new styles and looks.


Starting from his initial look and styles, Efron has a medium length hair type with beautiful wavy texture. He went on with the side partition and let his medium wavy thick locks cover the ears and some strands falling across the forehead.


Zac belongs to the type of men, who can cardinally change the images with changing haircuts.


After that, he chose to stay short with the hair and went for the tapered haircut. The short tapered with a cute quiff at the top front hair, which stands out with its fabulous texture. This one haircut is absolutely lively, cute and easy to style as well.


He went on with the shaggy textured haircut as the next look, which is clippered short and offers an edgy look by giving a low maintenance style. This hairstyle is all about the texture that looks edgy and neat at the expense for the thick hair.


For a quite short time, he completely tried a discreet short simple crew cut. Even though, it is not his prominent look it works fine with his face shape.


He had grown out his hair from the crew cut, to make the plan to outdo David Beckham for looks. The faux hawk is an awesome style with perfect outlines and fine spikes, makes him stand out and is an instant style statement.


His most popular quite long haircut is the dandy sideburn look flattering and brings out facet as men’s style. The edgy pompadour hairstyle goes perfectly and, gave lots of definition to his look with a nonchalant touch.


From that, he went for a trendy long haircut that features elongated and cool angled hair ends. He combed it in a way making the long hair fall onto his face in a side way and covering his entire forehead. The dark chocolate brown hair color, adds a stylish look to this haircut and this went very popular amongst youngsters.


With the same haircut, this time he gave a honey hue to the hair with some dark roots. Zac effortlessly succeeds in the task of making each longer strands give detail to make it look manly. He pulls off the style with highlighted features and cute edgy flicks reaching on the sides.


After a quite longer period with the long hair look, he went for a short haircut with the acicular texture. This added edge haircut looks great with straight hair texture. He chose a combined color accent of dark black and bright brown shade to the hair.


Letting some straight strands in a side swept way across the forehead, works well with the texture and is actually a good haircut idea.

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