Yorkie Pet Dog Haircuts



Yorkshire terriers originated form the English county of Yorkshire. They are perhaps the most popular breed of dogs and are loved for their personality which is characterized by uprightness, curiosity and always full of energy.




People who have Yorkshire terriers can really experiment with different kinds of hairstyles. A lot of experimentation can be done especially when the coat is not shaved short.  But the choice regarding how one goes about styling a Yorkshire terrier depends on two very important factors. The environment inside the home and the normal day to day activities of the family.




Now, longer styles always require a lot more devotion of time towards not only grooming but also upkeep. Upkeep is very important as the hair needs to be trimmed on a regular basis. This is something that is best left primarily for the dog lovers who love spending time, looking after their dogs and in fact find it quite the fun exercise. This is the kind of style that will make the terrier look nice and stand out when put up for show.




The coat of this breed can also be shaped up neatly and tidily through the method of layering. This is quite the popular choice and gives the terrier a clean look.




A shorter Yorkie haircut is also more suitable for those terriers that are a lot more active and tend to be played with by their owners, especially outside. A close puppy cut reduces the number of tangles and helps it to stay cleaner. It also saves time on grooming and upkeep in the case of families that are not quite ready to spend that much time behind their terrier.


But even the active terrier need not worry if it wants a bit of style. The Westie Cut is a great haircut and helps add a dash of style. Like most Yorkie haircuts however, this too has variations with breeders having the option to cut the hair shorter or longer on the body.


Then, there is the “Show Trim”. This is for the owners who choose to grow the hair long on the terrier. The look is primarily for those who will be putting up their dogs for show. Thus, in this look, the dog’s hair is kept as natural as possible.


Then, there is the Yorkie puppy cut which is by far, the most popular style and the hair on the coat is trimmed quite short in this case. How short it is, depends primarily on the discretion of the owner. There is also the Squared Puppy Cut in which the hair on the body and the legs is trimmed short but the facial hair is trimmed such that a square bob is formed.




The Yorkie Schnauzer cut is another hairstyle that can be seen on this breed of dog. Like the Squared Puppy Cut, the hair on the top of the head is kept away from the eyes of the dog. Another short hairstyle is the Flared Cut. But in this case, the hair on the hocks is kept long and so is the hair on the forehead. The latter technique allows the hair to grow around and over the years.




This breed of dog not only has some personality but it also knows how to suit up just right for the occasion!

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