Yarn Dreads Hairstyles For Women



Dreads are one of those love it or hate it hairdos. The dreadlocks as a style was popularized by the Rastafarian culture. Hence this hairstyle is also known as the Rasta hair. With the gradual passage of time this style has been accepted as a proper hairdo. Now, if this hairdo on its own isn’t outrageous enough, one can also go for artificial yarn dreads or yarn braids as they are popularly known. These are like multicoloured extensions and these dreads can sure give a girl a colourful look.




There are quite a few different ways in which one can use yarn dreads. One can start off with tightly coiled grey dreads in a bun. This hairstyle is achieved by piling thickly coiled dreads on one’s head such that it forms a rather large sized bun. But if grey is too staid looking on its own, then one can always mix grey dreads with dreads in a shade of electric blue. Thus, the combination of the two is sure to create one eye-catching look.




Generally, more the colours, the more of a statement the overall look makes. Hence, multi-coloured yarn dreads is the best go to option for girls who want to jazz up their look with the help of dreads. But, if a girl wishes to make a classy statement with her yarn dreads without going too over the top, then blond faux locs is the way to go. These braids can then be fashioned into any style a girl wants like a crown.




Girls can also fashion the yarn dreads into a navy blue coloured bob cut. And, if so desired they can also add a few light blue dreads in there for a subtle contrasting effect. But if this look is too ordinary for some then they can go for boxer braids in a shade of green. The uncommon nature of this do is sure to turn heads.




However, if a girl doesn’t want to get entangled in all this hair colouring business, but still wants to make a statement with her yarn dreads then she can go for a thick hat bun on the front and let the rest of the hair flow in thick twists. One can also recreate the half up do look with skinny dreads. But, if a hint of a colour isn’t a problem, then one can go for thin dreads that flow just past the shoulders with a few red and yellow dreads in the background playing the role of the peekaboo highlights.




And, last but not the least, a girl can also go for a combination of her natural hair and the yarn dreads. This look can be achieved by going for a ponytail of blonde coloured dreads. Its best however to fashion the ponytail with thin dreads.




So, yarn dreads are quite a quirky look to go for any girl. These dreads pride themselves on their versatility and they provide an easy shortcut for girls who want to go for dreadlocks or the shock colours without having to worry about damaging their hair.

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