Wispy Bangs Hairstyles For Women



Wispy bangs are the most favourite bangs as desired by women, far and wide. The primary reason behind this is that this type of bangs suits all face types. Now that is a very rare and telling quality for a hairstyle to have. But the advantages just do not end there. These bangs do not need a mountain’s worth of effort to achieve or maintain.




These types of bangs go well with medium length hair cuts like a chin-length bob cut. The soft bangs can be applied on the sides and in this way, they really soften up the whole look. These bangs can also be sported straight, to lend the overall style that casual and fun look.




If a girl has the luxury of thick hair and is confused as to whether she should go for bangs that fall straight across or no bangs at all, then thin and textured wispy bangs are the perfect solution. These bangs work their way across the forehead and look cute as they end just below a girl’s eyebrows. Bangs can also be tucked into longer layers for a “no bangs” look.




Girls with curly hair can also go for heavy and blunt asymmetrical bangs. The overall look is quite stunning and if a girl has beautiful eyes, this look highlights that very well. Curly haired girls can also go for straight wispy bangs and this gives off a truly bright look. If one goes for long wispy bangs then it would be a great idea to do a middle parting. The advantage of long wispy bangs is that they balance out thick hair.




But then, short wispy bangs are also a neat look. In fact, it is easier to maintain than long wispy bangs and on its own it is one classy look. If a girl wants to experiment with only blunt bangs, then wavy blunt bangs look cool. Wispy bangs also have something for those girls who have thinner hair. Known as the thin wispy bangs, they add some much-needed volume to the hair.




Another cool variation is the blunt bangs that cover the eyes. This look looks really stunning on a girl with relatively thick hair. However, it is best to reserve this look for the special occasions as such a look is understandably not convenient as an everyday haircut. One can also add a dash of colour to the wispy bangs and adding various shades isn’t at all a bad idea. Another even more funky idea is going for a shaved undercut on one side and a long wispy bang on the other side. But if all this is too flamboyant, then one can add a middle part to a wispy bang or even keep them straight after brushing the bangs to one side.




Wispy bangs are a great way to experiment with one’s hair. These bangs can be classy and sophisticated and flamboyant and funky. It just depends on the personal tastes of the wearer as to how they want to style these bangs. But whichever way they choose to do, it is sure to create a lasting impression!

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