White Hair Color Ideas



Coloring ideas for hair are plenty and makes the overall appearance flawless. Even though the dark shades with caramel highlights, are popular and offers wide variety of styles. The love for silver/white hair color has never gone out of style.


The silver hair has been more than on trend right now. Grey hair has no longer considered as the ‘granny hair’ and of all the colors on the spectrum, the grey hair color was quickly dyed. Moreover, contemporary movies shown stunning visions of angles and bright celestial beings that no wonder, many girls are craving for this color idea.


The beautiful platinum white blonde color ideas, from halos of white to curls of platinum, there are even some enormous styles to fully, satisfy your whimsical taste. The white hair color offers you a very light color that has practically stripped off nature, is a great choice for skin undertones.


Moreover, the platinum white hair shades can used as a solid, all-over hair color or applied as highlights, balayage or even as ombre effects.


The soft flaxen blonde color with curls is the best white highlights and one of the coloristic ideas for contemporary multi-dimensional blonde hair. The shoulder length waves with the soft white color, looks stunning.


When you do not want complete white color to your hair, then try going for shades like a Dab of platinum highlights or white and dirty blonde combo. The lowlights with blonde hair or platinum highlights on light brown hair has most sophisticated look ever.


The white and dirty blonde combo offers a complex-looking two-tone hair color. This color idea also has less traumatizing solution to your hair and it has been an object of fashion’s beauty over years. With braids or twists, this color gives you a more satisfying look.


For sleek straight hair texture, long platinum locks or with thin platinum highlights suits best. Since, platinum blonde is gorgeous on long hair and with the feathery layer locks; the entire look is pretty and super dramatic. The thin platinum highlights do the trick and allure you to enjoy the cool beauty of platinum blonde.








When you have short bob style already, you can go for complete smooth criminal platinum or white blonde color. These color ideas has complicated dye-process, yet the result and final look is so worth it. The solid white blonde color, offers an eye-catching look with edgy and serious bold style.


The wavy locks from the midway to the ends with white blonde shades, is a stunning standout and a big deal to your hairstyle. You can achieve the same look to a short bob style, making loose waves from the roots.


Another interesting effect of white color ideas is the fade to white style that is much alluring. When the white dye applied lower on the length of your strands, leaving the halo of dark roots can make you get a popular sharp look. Even you can go for platinum blonde with exposed roots, for featuring the curly bob style.


There are even more tones of white color ideas available for all hair types with all textures, which can make you look adorable.

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