White Dreads Hairstyles For White Women



Dreadlocks have always been a hotly debated style.  This hairstyle was evolved by the enigmatic Rastafarian culture and it has always fought for its acceptance in social circles. Having been subject to criticism and dogged stereotypes, this style was not accepted as a proper hairdo even most recently. But, having gotten comprehensive stamps of approval from renowned celebrities far and wide, it has created a niche for itself. One interesting variation of the dreadlocks hairstyle is the white dreadlocks.




If one thought that dreadlocks on their own, are quite outrageous, then white dreadlocks are even more so. To go for the white dreadlocks look, one can simply go for a hairdo of free flowing dreadlocks that are coloured a shocking hue of bleach. This look is strictly for those who find dark flowing dreadlocks too unassuming and are in a mood for something seriously bold.




But, if free flowing white dreadlocks are too much of a hassle,  girls who are  bold enough to carry off dreadlocks can also go for a thick bun comprising of white dreadlocks. It is also not necessary  that only the non Afro girls go for the white dreadlocks look. African American women can also go for the white dreadlocks look. In fact they can even pop on a variation of this style whereby they can just  hang the dreadlocks over one shoulder.




And, if one wishes to mix traditionality  with some outright boldness, they can also go for a high dreadlock ponytail. And yes, it looks great in a hue of white. Girls with the help of yarn dreads can also mix the white dreadlock look with their natural hair. They can allow the dreadlocks to fall over both the shoulders, while their natural hair peeps out from the crown.




Now, if one is in the mood for a really over the top look that will turn heads anywhere like crazy, then they can go for a look which is a mixture of white and purple dreadlocks. The resulting pop colour effect is something that is not for everyone. Girls can also go for a short crop  of white dreadlocks with some of these locks coloured a  hue of light pink. The alternate pattern creates quite  the unique effect.




Another really cool look for women with white dreadlocks is the high white dreadlock bun. In this hairdo, the girls can pile  up the white dreadlocks till they form a high enough bun. However, it looks even more stylish if a few of these locks are left to dangle artfully on either side. A very quirkily avant-garde look.




White dreadlocks  perhaps occupy the highest strata of hairstyling quirkiness. They are one of a kind and not for the faint hearted. It is still very much hated in some fashion circles and it’s tricky reputation can be something of  a deterrent for some. But if a girl is bold enough to adopt this style and she is able to pull it off, then she is sure to turn a lot of heads. Now whether she gets the silent nod of approval or not, is totally a different matter altogether.

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