Wet And Wavy Hairstyles For Women



If there is any hairstyle out there that looks instantly sensuous and attractive, it must be the wet and wavy hairstyle. A study that was conducted not so long ago made it clear from its findings that men like girls with a wet and wavy hairstyle. This look which is very feminine and has been sported by eminent celebrities like Kelly Brook and Cheryl Cole got 43% of the votes. Now, that is some margin. It is not that difficult to see why this style attracts the men so much.




This hairstyle almost immediately highlights a woman’s feminine side.  The look is classy and has that “come hither quality about it”. This hairstyle in its simplest avatar is quite a force. But then, like most of the top loved hairstyles in the world, this too has a few interesting variations. Some women are born with the wavy texture and a little tinkering enables them to get the wet look. But some must work a bit harder to get that perfect look.




One great look is the wavy attractive look. This great look which involves a lot of waviness will make any beauty look even more charming. This is one super stylish look for the big party! But if a girl with natural curls just wants to look pretty, then the cute wavy style is the one to go for. In this look, the soft curls flow down naturally and makes a girl look most attractive.




The blondes however, can really turn up the heat with the wet and wavy look. The wavy blonde hair makes the curls move downwards, all the way down to the nape. This is sure to make all the boys go weak in the knees. Girls can also go for a soft wavy black look. This look not only makes the hair look voluminous but serves to up the glam quotient of the lovely ladies who opt for this style.




But, this look isn’t just limited to girls with long hair. Even girls with a short haircut can go for the wet and wavy look. This style with its combination of bangs and short curls not only makes a girl look oh so stunning but also adds a good amount of volume to the hair. Another classy and seductive variation of this haircut is the messy wavy look. Girls with hair above and till the shoulders can go for this look.


Girls opting for a short wavy cut can go for a seductive black wavy look and blondes can go for a lovely short wavy look.




The wet and wavy look is one the sexiest hairstyles in the business. All girls would love to go for this style at some point in their lives. The men love it and so do women as this hairstyle highlights their sensuality in the most effective way possible. Moreover, girls with wavy hair don’t have to put in a great deal of effort to achieve this look. When executed perfectly, this look is sure to set them apart from the rest.

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