Wedge Haircut For Women



The wedge hairdo  is one of the coolest haircuts for women and harks back to the 60’s era. This hairdo which is essentially modelled on short haired women incorporates lots of bangs, inversions and layers and is still very relevant in today’s day and age. This hairdo has a few variations out of which the girls can choose from too.




One of the greatest hairdos is the side-parted pixie haircut.  This wedge  hairdo is quite  the edgy look and has a shorter section above one ear. A stacked inverted hairdo is also a great hairdo for the women with fine hair. This haircut adds thickness to a girl’s hair and gives it a very edgy messy look.




The bedhead style is the celebrity’s favourite.This hairdo is inspired by the late Hollywood star James Dean and its simple messy brushed style is very cool indeed. But, if  a girl is seeking a bit more style, then she can go for the short wedge haircut with some side-swept bangs. However, girls looking for a wedge hairdo that is a lot edgier, can go for the rockstar inspired wedge hairdo. This look is perhaps the edgiest and boldest of all the wedge haircuts.




The comb over is another cool wedge hairdo. This hairdo can also be combined with a deep side part and bangs for a super stylish look.  Now, if a girl wishes to go for a super messy look, then the shag wedge haircut with beach waves is just perfect. But, the most classic look of them all is the wedge bob hairdo. This look is always in trend and one can even go for an Angled bob look or add some bangs on the side to jazz up this look.




Girls who are not afraid of a bit of colour can always liven things up with some nice shades . A shade of pastel pink on a wedge haircut is sure to be one wackily different look. Not only is this unique but is sure to set one part from the mundane. But, girls looking for something a bit subtler can go for Babylights and other highlights on a lighter note like some low-key blonde tones.




A dual tone of red and black also looks absolutely superb on dark haired girls.  It goes especially well with the Bedhead style wedge hairdo. Another cool shade that goes hand in hand with a wedge hairdo is maroon. This shade when done up in a glossy way looks really good with a short wedge haircut. But, if a girl is in search for something that is really edgy, then she can go for black and white stripes. This two-tone shade is sure to make heads turn anywhere.




So, these are some of the best wedge haircuts that are worth going for. Each of these styles have a uniqueness of their own and are quite stylish. The variety too is there with some of these being quite the edgy look while others are just downright quirky.

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