Wedding Hairstyles With Veil



The choice for wedding hairstyles are enormous that is suitable for all hair textures and hair types. Although, many brides wish to wear a veil to the wedding and there are so many ways in wearing a veil. The point is that, finding the right wedding hairstyle supporting the veil is little tricky.


The perfect hairstyle usually supports the veil from the behind hair and frames your face. Moreover, the veil serves as the classic final addition to your bridal look and the veil goes well with a gorgeous gown.


With the veil, mostly loose hairstyles make a better choice. The classic blow dry has the potential to redefine and adds an elaborate detail to your pretty gown with the veil. Simply, blow dry your hair and side sweep the hair with some strands falling over the face.


You can even completely pull off the sleek hair onto one side front shoulder to get a different look with the veil. For this type of hairstyles, the classic tulle veil or mantilla works beautifully.


Other than the sleek bow dry hair, the tousled curls and big waves are the popular choices of most brides. Key point is the veil should be light and anchored with some bobby pins, to make sure it stays in place, as there is no gathering of hair to make it attached.


The next look is any simple half updo or half down styles, mostly combined with any braid styles on the top hair. Moreover, the braid styled half updo look is a faithful style that complements any face shapes and length of hair.


Start with a centre or side partition and keep braiding on both sides to pin them at the nape of the neck. Even one sided big fishtail braid down the hairline, can also be your choice. To accentuate these braided half updo hairstyles go with soft sweeping and elegant veils, which could add a touch, of whimsical romance.


Even though all these loose hairstyles suits the veil look, the perfect high wedding updos is the style that goes well with the cascading veils and classic tulle veils.


With any updo styles, the placing of veil will generally below the updo, but it all depends on the length of the veil you choice and what looks good in you.




Gather all your hair and form them into a messy high bun at the crown. Nestle the veil between your updo and style it with any hairpiece or headpiece, to get a beautiful image. The delicate veil is a great suggestion to this more dramatic hairstyle.


You can also add any braid style touch to the high bun, making it look soft and it creates grace to an elegant updo veil style.


If you do not want to go with high updo styles, low styles like chignons and romantic messy buns at the neckline is so fashionable. These low updo wedding styles are so versatile and secure the veil at the top of your low updo.


This low style also works with veil from the crown or mantilla and adds some bridal pins at the side of your veil, so that it can elevate your bridal look.

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