Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair



The most important and awaited day in every women’s life is her wedding day, which she wants to make it so special. With flurry of confusions, the choice of making the right wedding dress and hairstyle is a big task.


If you have medium length hair and looking ideas for wedding hairstyles, then there are various options available. Even though, the wedding hairstyle ranges from high bun updo to half-updo styles, the medium length hairstyle looks perfect with everything.


When you are lover of loose/hang free hairstyle, then go for this simple graceful bumped up curls. With thick bumped up curls, style the front hair using any braid style at the side or at the top, to change this hairstyle into an incredible one.


The simplest style is the relaxed wedding updo style, which features the medium length hair into a side-swept at the front. Style the crown area into a bouffant look and pin up all the rest hair into a loose curled updo. Place a stone studded headband after the side-swept front hair, as this frames the face softly.


For an alternative style, tease the front hair and make it into a high puff look. Pull off all the remaining hair and style it into a messy stranded bun at the crown. To make it look like a fairy-tale style, use a stone crown as it works in perfect harmony.


A complete twisted and inverted French braid is a visual treat for medium hair length. Start from the front hair and make thick inverted French braid style with twists. Finish it off with a low chignon and some fresh flowers.


This style is one cute and favorite wedding hairstyle, which you will adorn forever.


Another chignon wedding hairstyle is a modern look, where you need to go with an elegant Gibson tuck style. At the end form a small chignon style and add an ornate accessory that gives you a vintage feel. Slightly texturized hair is perfect for this hairstyle.


To get a neat and smooth wedding hairstyle, the polished beehive style can do the entire thing on your day. The silky smooth textured hair formed into a high beehive at the crown, by making the front hair into low side-swept style.


Include a sparking headband at the start place of beehive and use some shiny spray to make this bridal updo to get a polished look and, stay glamorous.


When you make choice bun style as the wedding hairstyle, you can go for either side bun or low bun because with medium length hair perfect high bun cannot be possible. The side parted ringlet bun, looks classy and offers a look inspired by nature.


Accentuating this side bun with some gold hair accessories like leaf design creates an additional decorative look to the bride’s hairstyle.


Elegant twisted side bun or criss cross-flowery low bun, are some bridal bun hairstyles that are traditional enough for an Indian wedding and are simple and, sleek as well. You can add a touch of individual flower or some hair accessories for a prettiness look.

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