Wedding Braids Ideas



The braid style is the only thing to stay commonly beautiful in all hair types ranging from short, long and medium length. Although, when it comes to wedding tales the braid style is the first thing to make the bride’s hairstyle look special.


From elaborate French braids to boho fishtail braids, anything can make advantage to your long locks on the wedding day. Moreover, it offers the most beautiful look you ever waited for.


The braid style along with the loose waves of hair, look extremely gorgeous. Start with simple centre partition and make French braid on both the sides. Combine both the braid at the back and pin it up at the nape of the neck.


Style the remaining hair into loose curls of strands and add any floral headband, to look it more enhanced.


The second style is to start braiding from one end and tie it on the other side of the head. Make thick curls to the rest hair and pin them to fall off at the front shoulder.


Or else, you can go with half up braid hairstyle with twisted ends. Follow the same process of braiding on both sides, to this add thick twisted strands below the braid style. It looks like two strands of braids and twists at the back.


To the rest of the hair, separate them into thick sections and twists each strands tightly. The tight twisted style gives an added effect to the half-up braid style. Accentuate this style with bow like hairclip at the crown.


Other than the loose styles, the braid updos gives you the perfect wedding bride look. The simple updo style is the two-strand styled braid from the sides down the hairline until the end, which is then you should style into a bun at the nape of the neck.


Another style is to make braids at the front like a headband and with remaining thick curls, form it into a simple messy updo. Accentuate the braid headband with plastic floral palates to make it look rich.


The fishtail braid looks like a gorgeous creation for the romantic bride. This style gives a mixed look of fishtail braid with random twists for a beautiful appearance. Finish off the look by bringing out some loose strands of hair to fall off at the face.




If you want any other alternative-choice for updo style, then go with the high bun look. Gather all your hair and form it into a high ponytail the top crown. Again, section the ponytail into two and make a high bun at the crown with the top-sectioned hair.


With the lower section, make it into a simple braid tail and wrap it around the high bun. The wrapped high bun style makes your face look elongated and gives you a stylish bride look as well.


Keep styling thick fishtail braid at one side using all the hair, which should look like fishtail at the entire head. When the fishtail reaches the neckline, pull off all the rest hair and make it into a low bun. In place of fishtail, you can go with inverted Dutch braid style also.


Nevertheless, there are still more wedding braids offering an eye-catching style with picture-perfect look.

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