Wedding Bobs For Women



The best day in a women’s life is her wedding, because it is her day. Than the wedding dress, the more important for a bride is the choice of a wedding hairstyle. Any braid wants to look beautiful, stunning and good in the wedding photos with the hairstyle.


If you are having a short haircut, it does not mean that you will fail in the wedding image look. The contemporary short hairstyles are now amazing everyone with a plenty of interesting wedding hairstyle ideas. Moreover, modern short wedding hairstyles are pretty and simple, without unnecessary excesses.


Short wedding bob hairstyles that are versatile as mid-length hair, offer you a great opportunity to breathtaking updos. The bob styles make you look sexy and charming. From classy tousled look, a retro set curls, sleek blowouts to amazing hair accessories, the style for bob hairdo is incredible.


The thing is that, you need to think out of box with your wedding bob style. With cute fierce and fringy or cute brown bob, simple styles can do the entire best thing to your wedding. The fringes with blunt cut ends, which is either centre parted or left with no partition gives you the flawless look that you ever expect.


With the same style, you can even try simple loose wavy texture from the midway to the ends. Bangs with wavy texture and partition is of very much your choice. However, side partition can frame the long face shapes.


Wedding bob styles, when combined with cute hair accessories like a wedding band or wildflower and, Alice bands, offers you a pretty look effortlessly.


When you wish to add much styling to your bob haircut, opt for hairstyles like curly quiff or braided bobs. The curly quiff with long flower like curls at the forehead, on one side is a unique style. The French braids or twists, adds simple details to your overall look.


Tousled cut with twisted updo, with no hair falling off can offer you a perfect look. By simple twisting, all the pieces back and pin in place, are the styling way of this hairstyle. Make sure you pull out some strands, which fall off at the ear line to get added benefit to the overall style.






When you do not want a complete tousled cut updo then, go for knotty crown for a half-updo style. Wear a knotty hairdo at both sides and leave the remaining hair to fall off. This half updo looks fun and a different French braid.


The shortest bob haircut, can also give you variety of styling options. The sleek straight bob or slightly curls only at the ends that fall off until your chin line looks casual, yet vintage hairstyles of all time. These styles been accompanied with bangs, offers a sense of elegance when side parted and made to fall over one eye.


You can accentuate the short styles with a single flower at the sides or Boho bands, Rhinestone bands or with some gold leaf. If your hair looks like a tight curls, you can simple accompany the curls with oversized gold accessory.

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