Weave With Bangs For Black Women



76. Weave with bangs for black women:


If you are looking to get a new stylish, fashionable and attractive hairstyle, you could try getting weaves with bangs. These hairstyles are extremely versatile and are low maintenance as well. This hairstyle is a great option if you are someone looking for a change from your usual hairstyle. You get gain ideas and inspiration from the fantastic hairstyles of famous black female celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Chanel Iman, and Keri Hilson. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a long hairstyle or a trendy one, or a sleek and classy hairstyle and edgy bob, or a curly weave that looks romantic, you are bound to get inspired by these celebrities. This article is here to help you as well. Without further ado, let’s start.


Beyonce looked fabulous in her mid-length hairstyle with beachy waves. We were in awe of the different hues that this weave had. You could try adopting this hairstyle. You could also add blonde highlights that look great for the summer. These highlights will compliment your complexion.  When receiving highlights, make sure that you pick a colour that flatters your complexion – lighter highlights look better on fair to medium complexions, while on the other hand darker highlights look nicer for people with darker complexions.


The Long tousled bob with bangs is a popular hairstyle sported by scandal actress, Kerry Washington. This hairstyle looks good on people who have heart shaped faces. The feathered layers of this hairstyle help soften the sharp features of Kerry Washington. When you receive a weave, make sure that your bangs are trimmed in a way that suit the shape of your face – longer bangs look better on longer and angular faces, whilst on the other hand shorter bangs look better for rounder faces.


You could also try getting long glamorous curls that look great for raven coloured hair. Jet black is a colour that looks very classy and flattering for people who have darker skin. This is a common hue for weaves. You could wear the weave with a parting in the middle to make it look more glamorous. Your curls could be kept in place by using a hair spray that is light and non-greasy. The sexy blonde curls is a romantic and casual weave hairstyle. It had been worn my celebrities like Rihanna. To get a flirty and a soft look, ensure that the ends of your weave are feathered. You could add wispy bangs to this haircut. If your forehead isn’t your strongest feature, the bangs will help cover it.


A lot of people would love to have this special type of hair, and you should treat it thankfully and carefully. You just need to let your imagination fly and try different things you thought would never look good on you, and you’ll be surprised with the results. Something you should also do is planning ahead the hairstyles for the week and practice so you know how long it takes you to do each one.  That way you’ll optimize your time in the morning and still have time to look flawless anywhere you go!

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