Weave braids for black women

Weave is blessing for the Afro-Americans as it helps to tame the unruly curly locks. It is widely popular among blacks as it enables a range of hairdos. Keeping the hair in braids will help in faster growth of hair. Also, the most important reason for such popularity is low maintenance. You need not touch your hair for next 3 months if you have adorned a weave braids. We know now that we have got your attention! Let’s quickly have glance on different hairstyles which can be sported with a weave!

Let us start with dreadlocks which are also called as dreads which are a matted or coiled hair which can be formed by back combing or by tight twists. Every now and then, the hair is not maintained or even washed in order to form its own dread. The past of this hairstyle is dotted back to North and West African tribes. You can let it open to hang on your back, you take part on the centre or on the sides of your head, you can also leave it on one shoulder, you can add accessories if you want, sport an amazing hair dye to look cool or you can also make knot or pony with it.

Even cornrows can be formed with the help of the weave. This style makes cute lines of braids on your head. You can style it as you desire in the form of a bun, ponytails or up-do. You can also try yarn twist with weave as it makes your work easier for months together. It is best know for the colourful image you get by sporting this particular hairdo.

Box braids or poetic justice weave braids will give you a dazzling look. Your braids are the jewels which will give you the premium look possible. Hence, feel free to sport whatever you feel is the right amalgamation. A variety of highlights and dyes can be used to spice up your cool avatar. Streaking some purple, red or blonde can make you an exceptional piece in the crowd. You may also try pink, silver and brown ombre to be only one of its kinds.

If you are a passionate fan of twists, then you should know what all you can do with a spring twist. Keeping it effortless, just style your spring twist in a side swept. Bear in mind that, you should moisture your locks too flaunt your incredible twists. Other twist options in offer are Nubian twist, kinky twist and crochet braids twist. Senegalese twist is something which is based on two strands twist from the root with help of natural hair and weaves.

You may also fuse your love for cornrow and twist to create the attention-grabbing cornrowed fauxhawk with your kinky twists. As out of the ordinary as it sounds, this hairstyle will give you a fine-looking look. Carry on the cornrow in one side and run off the twists to fall on you nape with poise.

We’re quite sure you make other women envy you hair if you opt for one of the above hairdo. Happy styling your unmanageable hair into an extremely fashionable hairdo!


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