Wavy Weave For Women



Sometime, women wish/dream to have more textured hair or to try new looks and styles, but the natural hair cannot afford it. In that case, they look for extensions. Considering about adding extensions to natural hair, is all about typically to add length or for fullness, but not always.


A weave can be excellent alternative for extensions, when trying out a new hairstyle without altering your natural hair. Moreover, weave hairstyles provide a wide variety of beauty options and various styling methods that can add benefit to your overall look.


Generally, these weaves are extensions, which are with either real human hair or synthetic hair. This is to add more volume or length, to your desire level. With multitude of possibilities, you can opt for sew-in, net weaves, hair bonding or fusion weaves.


If you have a nicely shaped forehead or low forehead, you can go for loosely weaved texture that could create a lovely, face-flattering frame and can even accentuate your eyes. Choppy layers are the very new trend with weaves.


These layers can look great in producing an edgy modern look. Therefore, make sure you put some choppiness to your final cut. Even with round faces, you can minimize the look with the choppy uneven ragged tips, which is when combed forward onto the face, can add loads to extra styling.


The simple ponytails or half-up and half-down styles with wavy weaves, offer you a casual look that suits well for any workplace environment. You can even make the wavy weave, completely onto your one side that could give you a ravishing look.


You can even try braids or twists with hair extensions. There are numerous braid styles, ranging from box braids or Senegalese twists, that wavy weaves can look effortless.


Celebrity ‘Rihanna’, made use of a wavy weave to get a messy updo, which offers her a classy, yet unique look. With wavy weave, she went for a simple updo by pulling all her hair up and leaving some strands to fall over her face.


When you want a short hairstyle, you can opt for short wavy weave that is easy to maintain and style it. This short weaves makes you, look chic and flirty. Another way you can rock with short hairstyle is by using some dazzling shades of weaves.


Rich violet or bright ruby red shade keeps look funky and, makes you even rock with the overall look. You can even go for auburn tips, stands out through discretely colored tips.


The medium length weave hairstyle is the perfect length hair extensions that you could afford. It offers you a well-balanced length and it is not too hectic for maintenance and offers various styling options further.


You can achieve more stylish look with medium choppy lob, when you want to be on trend and low key. The centre-parted medium lob can make your face features more visible and even frames long face.


However, with weaves you can try tones of styling options by even varying your overall hair length. Keep in mind to use of wide brush comb, so that your weaves are damage free.

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