Wavy Black Hairstyles



Wavy or loose Curly hairstyles often looked as flattering women immensely, regardless of the length. In the same way, the wavy black hairstyles have mostly seen amongst African-American women that are very chic and gorgeous.


Mostly, the black wavy styles are generally amazing and creative. This unique texture hairstyle requires some special love and care to look its best. From loose curls to shorter cropped styles, look most beautiful.


Catherine Zeta-Jones shows off with her long wavy hairstyle that looks sexy and mysterious. You can achieve her style, even with the natural wavy hair but with natural straight-haired texture can also achieve this look.


Regardless of any length from long to medium or short, a simple loose wavy hair that left to free flow, are perfect example style look that makes you turn around. From casual to formal, this simplest style can look best with any occasion and when paired with any outfit.


Black wavy hairstyles have potential to look great on anyone, but those with thick texture hair will really pull them off well. The windfall hairstyle, will offer you a plenty of body and the loose curls will frame your face.


You can even go for half-up bun, which is trendy but little difficult to achieve with the wavy texture. The sky-high wrapped bun at the crown of the head shows the right way to wear a bun with wave texture.


If you have thin textured hair, try going of thin half-up waves. When you have difficulty to manage the heavy curls, you can simply use a holding gel in damping the hair and make scrunch with your fingers to get a messy look.


With long hair texture, you can opt for bouncy curls by wrapping the hair around the large-barrel of curling iron and get this carefree curl look. Make sure, to smooth over frizzies with a pomade or serum to get the shine and glossy finish.


Black waves with high shine finish, look best of all styles. Viola Davis at a recent event, debut this look where the high shine adds beauty to her overall appearance. This style is quite fair quick to style and works super for a night out party or on the red carpet.




When you have love for pixie cut, prepare for an attention-seeking look with the rocker pixie style with thick wavy hair top. You can shave the sides and back, while leaving the top wavy crown and front pieces long with layers that falls off near your face.


With this, short and ultra thin wavy crown, the rocker pixie suits well for black thick wavy hair texture.


When you have short hair length, you can look for ‘Kerry Washington’ style. Her black wavy hairstyle looks elegant and still on trend. The side parted with little bangs, which have been asymmetrical fall off over one eye is a unique styling way to this flawless look.


If you wish to add extra touch to the wavy black hairstyle, then you can try with some dark highlights throughout the hair as a line shade, thereby adding more cool finish to your overall look.

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