Vintage Updo Hairstyles



For any occasions, everyone starts looking ideas for perfect updo styles to make many heads turn towards you. Although, there are many modern updo hairstyles available, the love for vintage updo styles remains and obsession towards it is infinite.


Moreover, the vintage updo styles are great go-to hairstyle for any formal occasions and it exude a feminine charm. Some epitome vintage styles are the baby bangs, upswept rolls and perfectly coiled locks that actually spice up your hair textures.


The first style is the reverse tuck, which is a great choice for smooth sleek texture hair. Take a heavy section of hair from the crown, like a half-updo style and pin it up little high by teasing them at the back. Now, gather all the remaining hair to the crown are and make it tuck reverse.


With a simple updo like this, you will get a feel look of Cinderella.


If you want to have high effect at the crown area, the elegant vintage beehive updo style is the best choice. The beehives voluminous look at the crown, with some thick side-swept bang look at the front is a statement making style.


Coming to the braid styles, the vintage updos never gets complete without the touch of braid in it. The first style is the simple French braid updo style, where you need to make three sections with your hair. Make French braid on both sides that should run down along your hairline.


Finally, combine both the side braids at the back with the chunk of hair left in the middle and make it into a small bun. A simple floral accessory can accentuate this braid style very well.


Criss-cross braid style at the back is a simple fun style that gives you an illusion of complex vintage updo look. Be sure, you add a vintage bow at the top of your braid look to make it more beautiful.


Rolls and twists vintage styles give you a different variation to the updo looks. The back roll vintage updo begins by tying a pretty scarf over your hair like forming a circle from the base of your head. Pin the scarf in place and finish the style by tucking all the hair into the scarf, to get a perfect picture roll updo.


If you do not want the roll on the back, you can wear the roll style on the sides as well. Start making rolls from the front hair gradually down the sides of your hairline, which gives you a perfect style to stay cool and keep the hair out off the face.


Even you can go with Victoria rolls updo styles or rockabilly roll at the front to give some individuality look at the occasions.


Vintage ponytail may be the simplest off all time, but do not underestimate the power look it offers to you. To style this pony, make a retro twist from the front hair and transform it into a classic ponytail at the nape of the neck. This gives you a chic hairstyle suitable for any occasion.

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