Vintage Rockabilly Hairstyles



Rockabilly is an early style of the rock and roll music genre and was a by-product of 1950’s America. This genre mixes Western American music like Country with rhythm and blues. As the popularity of Rockabilly music reached its height, men and women of the era started wearing Rockabilly hairstyles to keep up with the craze.




The rockabilly hairstyle has two basic looks. The first one is of moderate length. The hair is grown long at the top of the head, but is kept shorter at the sides. But the length is medium around the crown and longest around the base of the neck. Then, there is the Rockabilly hairdo that was popularized by the model, Betty Page.


This style is a lot more adventurous and is parted at the centre and fashioned in a kind of blunt cut. This style often incorporates short waves along the hair length and at times also straight bangs that are smooth in texture. Generally, this style curly in texture and is fashioned such that there is sufficient volume on the top of the hair while tightly designed sides lead to waves and curls that fall all the way down to the neck.




This classic look has stood the test of time though and there are quite a few different ways in which the rockabilly hair can be styled. One such look is the front bun with smooth locks. This is a great party look for all the style conscious girls out there! One can also rock the rockabilly look with a silky smooth up-do and with the front done up in a poof. But if one wishes to go crazy with this style and add some serious volume on the top, then a bump up up-do with sleek sides is the right fit!


Once can go for a twisted up-do like Scarlett Johansson who rocked the retro up-do at the premiere of her movie, We have bought a Zoo. But if a girl wants to make a loud statement with her rockabilly hair, then she can look at music sensation, Pink’s pompadour hair done up in a vibrant shade of pink.


And just when one would think that this look, is all about the classic style vibe, there is something for the punk lovers too. A blonde pixie cut can be combed up and with some neon green and red highlights. This can be one eye-catching look. But if a girl wants to reignite the Betty Page style but in a modern way, then front rolled pin up fringes with straight locks is the look for them.


But if one loves the vintage styles of old, then there is the victory roll up-do. Not only does the style add volume on the top but also gives the hair a retro look.  However, there is the back roll as worn by singer Gwen Stefani. This look is a classic yet bang up to date take on the rockabilly look and is sure to turn heads at any social event.




There is an old saying that says that old is gold. The rockabilly hair just reinforces that belief quite comprehensively. It might be a tad time consuming but if one has the volume and wants to pay homage to a grand style that has even outlived the music genre that spawned it, then this is the style to go for!

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