Vintage Fringe Hairstyles



The stylists keep going back to the past for some inspiration and even almost fifty years down the line, these hairdos manage to stay in relevance with their retro and vintage appeal. Sometimes these hairstyles get some modern updates but most of the time they stay true to the original. These vintage hairdos are loved for their glam quotient and the old world charm that they bring to the table. So, if girls are willing to go down this path, then there are quite a few ways in which they can go about it.




Girls wanting to go for this  style can always take out a leaf out of the styling book of the late Marilyn Monroe. A bouncy curly hairdo with a short fringe on the front and all decked up in a shade of stunning platinum blonde is quite the style statement. Women who  are able to pull off this look will look very pretty indeed.




Ladies can also go for the beehive hairdo and team it up with a headband. This  hairstyle can then be topped off with a cute headband and the sleekness and nonchalant beauty of the total cut is what is sure to catch one’s attention. Another great vintage fringe hairdo is the straight locks with a sizeable side fringe and a cute little hairbow. This hairstyle with its hair-down look harks back to the good old  times.




The ladies can also go for the brunette curly bob hairdo with a thick curly fringe on the side. This vintage fringe hairdo is very cool and is bound to make a girl look very sophisticated. Girls can also go for the side-parted curls hairdo. However the parting on the side must be deep and the rest of the hair can be allowed to fall down on the side in glamorous waves.




But if one feels that these hairdos are a bit too mundane, then a modern twist to these vintage fringe hairstyles can always be added. And, if is feeling quite bold then a shade of pink on retro curls and a bit of fringe is sure to set one apart from the mundane.  Girls can also colour their beehive hairdo in a pastel shade of pink. Quite the head turner this will be.


However, if girls are just looking for a cool understated hairdo, then nothing is better than a faux bob. This hairdo is very easy to design and with  a fringe it  looks absolutely fabulous. The ladies can also go for a full fringe on the forehead with bangs that finish well clear of the eyes. And, they can top off this look with a strong ponytail on the back, albeit a short one. Or, one can also go the Audrey Hepburn way and go for bangs that finish scarcely on top of the eyes.




These vintage fringe hairdos are sure to turn up the glam quotient for any girl out there. These hairdos make a girl look gorgeous and very classy and possess a old-world charm that is hard to dismiss. Style away!

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