Vintage Black Hairstyles



Black hairstyles from the good old days are something that the fashionistas do fall back on from time to time. The old-world black hairstyles seem to have this rustic charm about them which is very hard to dismiss.  And, quite recently a few of these styles have been making quite the comeback. But then, their unmistakable elegance is hard to forget.




One of the coolest vintage fringe black hairstyles can be achieved with a sexy short crop of hair, a fringe on the side and lots of curls in a slightly messy up-do. This look is reminiscent of the “Grease” era. Another much loved vintage black hairstyle is the one that is referred to as the “Veronica Lake” hairstyle as this style was popularized by the American actress of the same name. This look is very sensuous and has that “come hither” factor. The hair is styled in a wavy manner and the fringe is done in such a way that the left part of the hair hangs over the eye.




Another vintage era style but one that has a heavier fringe is the one as worn by the actress Louise Brooks in the 1920’s. This hairdo which looks like a closely shaped bob cut but with overhanging hair on both sides is ultra-cool and lends an air of sophistication to the wearer.




But, nowhere as cool as Audrey Hepburn’s look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This look is perfect for women with thick hair and its low sweeping fringe helps to lend some balance to faces that are longer in shape. This look also makes a girl’s hair look voluminous as the hair on the back of the head is shaped into a high-top bun.




Short cropped haircuts too owe its popularity to the 1960’s and who can forget Mia Farrow’s short haircut in the stunningly haunting movie that was Rosemary’s Baby. This look might seem spartan at first but the fringe lends the look a lot of attitude and says a lot even with small volume. No wonder, even in today’s day and age this hairstyle is still very popular and functional too as it keeps the hair out of the face and neck on the hot summer days.




But, if short hair isn’t one’s type then one can look at the Austin powers inspired fringe look which pushes the bangs downwards gracefully over the forehead such that it just hovers above the eyes. This look is awesome for silken straight hair with medium volume and works best with diamond and oval face shapes. Quiet, the rocking look!




So, these are some of the vintage black hairstyles that girls can look up to if they are seeking for some historical inspiration. These retro styles are still very relevant in the modern-day hairstyling scene where buzz cuts and highlights keep popping up like crazy. Most of these looks have not only left a major imprint but also inspired their respective generations and have acquired legendary status. The man who coined the phrase that old is gold, sure knew what he was talking about!

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