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In any country and in any religion, a wedding is always a grand event.  Everything must be perfect for the big day. From the decorations to the food to the outfits, everything must be in order. And when it comes to the bride, all eyes would be scanning her every move. Her dress, her shoes, her makeup and most importantly her hair. The right hairstyle can make or break the whole look for her and thus quite understandably she would be in quite a fix to choose the right one.




Well, she needn’t worry. There are quite a few options for her. She can opt for some subtlety with a classic low bun with some elegant finger waves topping off a look that is sure to be a quiet hit at any wedding. But if one is wants to feel like a princess at her weeding, then one can go for a French twist combined with a loose bun with some stray hairs. One can top off this regal look with a crystal/bejewelled headband.




But, if a girl wants to keep the hair out of her face and wants to show off her voluminous hair at the same time, then a Dutch braid is the style to go for. This hairstyle takes up the hair from the nape till termination at the crown on the head. This look is just downright gorgeous and the groom won’t be able to take his eyes off her. However, if one wants to go with something that is less voluminous and has that “come hither” air about it, then the fishtail braid is the look to go for. This look is just effortlessly sensuous.




One can also go for a top knot with some bangs falling on the forehead. This look is sure to raise the coolness quotient of the bride by quite a few notches on her wedding day! But if one is the mood for a top knot minus the bangs, then a braided top knot is just perfect for the wedding day. It gives the hair a great amount of volume while keeping the hair out of the bride’s face on the wedding day.




But if showing off the length of the hair is more important but she still wants to keep the hair out of her face, then an elegant low ponytail is a great look. However, if a girl really wishes to make a statement on the big day, then an embellished up-do with the hair styled in a tall voluminous hair from the nape is the look to go for.




The day of the wedding is one of the biggest days in the life of a woman. It is a day that most women dream of since they are young and have high aspirations and great expectations for. And when that day finally arrives, she would want to make it a day that is worth remembering for the rest of her life. The planning and the preparations that lead up to it are gargantuan. But from the hairstyling side of matters, these looks have all the bases covered!

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