Upside Down Braid Hairstyles



Braided hairdos have always been the talk of the town. The braided hairstyles might seem quite complicated at first glance but are actually not that difficult to achieve. One cool variation of the braided hairstyle is the upside-down braid. This braid makes a girl look quite sophisticated and posh. The look also makes the hair of the ladies look voluminous.




A girl can go for a upside-down braid with a free-flowing and wavy ponytail. This relaxed yet elegant look is effortlessly classy. This hairdo in itself has a couple of variations as one can go for a high or a low ponytail. But if ponytails are not a girl’s style, they can also go for several different bun hairstyles with the upside down braid.




One can style an upside-down braid into a voluminous high bun. Now, how high the bun sits or how voluminous it is solely depends on a lady’s personal choice and the volume  of her  hair. One can even go for two small buns on the top that is two mini buns. A very cute look indeed. A girl can even pair a ribbon with the bun for an even cuter look. But, if buns are a bit unadventurous, one can also go for a very sophisticated looking curly updo.




High top knots also go hand in hand  with upside down braids. Top knots with upside down braids also look very nice when accessorized with stylish ribbons. They also look very nice when paired with a smart fringe on the front. Girls who do not mind a dash of color can also color a top knot a shade of lighter brown while the rest of the hair is coloured  a shade of darker brown.




When it comes to upside down braids, girls can always jazz things up with a bit of colour. Girls whose sole desire is to stand out with their hair, can colour their upside down braid a bright shade of purple. And, if one wishes to make an even more outrageous statement, then an upside down braid coloured in a shade of a pop rainbow colours is sure to blow away everyone’s minds.




Another trendy yet loud colour that can be applied on a thoughtfully done up upside down braid is blue. Nothing screams for attention like a hue of electric blue on a mane of thick hair. But, if there is one color that can defeat blue it is red. An upside down braid in a shade of bright red is sure to turn heads. However if a girl feels that all these colours are too loud, then they can simply go for a light brown on dark brown two tone colour scheme.






Upside down braids have been quite the popular style for girls down the years. And as one can see, there is good reason for that too. This style enables a girl to look quite stylish while also helping her to keep the hair out of her face. Hence  not only is it quite a sophisticated hairdo but it is also functional to boot. One of the most versatile hairstyles of  them all? Absolutely.

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