Updo For Medium Length Hair Women



Updos are always in fashion. It is very difficult for a girl to go wrong with this hairdo. Not only does this hairstyle add volume to a girl’s hair but it is also very chic. Moreover up dos are not just for those  with long hair. It works equally well with hair that is medium in length. Perhaps it is this inherent versatility of up dos that endear it so much to girls around the world. The choices with medium length hair too are quite plenty.




One great look for an updo on medium length hair is the messy top bun. This hairdo not only lends a voluminous look to a girl’s hair but is also casually very elegant. However, if a girl wishes to take a bun hairdo up another notch on the style scale, then she can go for a bun with side braids.




But if one wants something that is a bit cooler, a Bohemian style low bun should do the trick. This hairdo is essentially a side-swept bun and lends the wearer a very feminine touch and a very graceful appearance indeed. A girl who doesn’t really want to show off  can also go for a rope braid bun. This effortlessly cool hairdo is very easy to achieve and even easier to maintain.




However if a girl wants to go for something other than the bun hairdos, then she can go for a faux hair updo. This hairstyle is very stylish and very elegant.But, if the heart desires something that is a bit more quirky, then the double braided headband is a great look to go for. Very sophisticated and very chic. A messy up do can also be teamed up with overlapping braids for an even more unique look.




Now if a girl is blessed with silky straight medium length hair and wants to go for a hairdo that comprises of both a braid and a bun, then the braided pouf bun is the perfect look to go for. This is not only the slickest of all the bun updos but perhaps also the most stylish.




For girls who swear by their braids and are looking for a stylish variation of the same, then an inverted braid updo fits the bill just perfectly. However just when one would think that there is nothing for  the hip lovers of punk, there is also a great look for them. These girls can go for the Mohawk twist updo that is paired with small braids. But this look like most punk hairstyles is only for those girls who are bold enough to carry it off.






Girls wanting to stick to tradition and looking for something  elegant can go for the ever popular Chignon with side braids. One can also go for a braided bun with some bangs on the front thrown in for good measure. Very cool indeed.




So, girls with medium length hair needn’t worry when it comes to getting the much loved updo. These are some of the many great ways in which girls with medium length hair can design a great updo.

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