Undercut Hairstyles For Black Women



Black women with short hairstyles are like perfect combination with each other. No matter how specific they may look, short hairstyles for black women offer plenty of varieties. Ranging from buzz cuts to bobs and, even with pixie cuts, the options are still growing.


Likewise, the popularity for undercut hairstyles is not going anywhere amongst black women models. Due to the versatility, that it offers to any hair length, from short hair to long hair and with any texture, it suits everything as well.


For those who are not aware of this style, the undercut is when you cut away the lower part of your hair. It is the perfect way to introduce an edgy style to your look. However, the undercut and short hair are a powerful combination.


To get this style, you no need to do anything with your natural hair. You can wear an undercut with natural hair, by simply shaving the sides to add original style and it can make easier to manage. The hair length at the top totally, depends on your choice.


Mostly, the curly top hair with undercut is always perfect. Instead of wearing bangs, you can style the hair into a spiked peak for added volume across the forehead. This is also easy to grow out and gives a feminine as well as stylish look.


Black women love afro with undercut style, as the dense tight curls on the top looks bold and adventurous. By adding some highlights, the difference between the short shaved sides and long top looks more visible and emphasized.


If your natural hair is sleek and straight, then try going for pixie with undercut styles. The close undercut on the sides and back, slim your face and makes your cheekbones stand out. For more modern look, give asymmetrical look to the longer top.


With short shaved sides, you can make the longer top into a simple knot at the crown. It is quite a daring style and does not require lots of styling.


Undercut is even famous with long wavy locks. Mostly, the undercut is on the sides to make the long wavy locks look beautiful. Make sure the hair is below the shoulder length and with this hair long, a smaller side undercut is easy.


The wavy locks is of your choice, you can either have wavy texture from the midway to the ends or complete wavy locks from the roots. Moreover, this undercut long wavy style offers you a super feminine look. On some days when you are not feeling edgy, the undercut can easily concealed by parting the hair on the opposite side.


When you do not want to shave the sides to get an edgy look, then you can even go for braided undercut style that is available and equally stylish with the original one. The look is with braids on one side and, leaving the rest of the hair to cascade down.


However, there are so many different ways to put the braid in undercut. You can witness this braided undercut amongst Hollywood celebrities. This style is perfect for formal event or even prom.

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