Undercut For Short Haired Women



The undercut has made quite an impact in recent times after it had seemingly gone out of fashion. It has become quite the rage amongst female celebrities. This look has been winning fans afresh mostly for the edgy look it gives to one’s hair and for the ease with which this hair can be cut and managed.  This look also has several styles of its own. These range from bold undercuts to something that is truly over the top like shaving off half of one side of the hair.


A girl can go for an edgy bowl cut where the undercut can be styled to run around the nape and to both the sides. The hair on top can be styled into a bowl cut. This very boyish look needs some attitude to be pulled off right.




Demi Lovato however, showed the world how to combine an undercut with long hair in a shade of purple and then topped off with waves. The versatility in this look lies in the fact that one can use the long hair to hide the undercut on one side in case of a formal gathering. But if a girl is in the mood for something really daring then she can go for an undercut with a mini bun. In this case more than half the hair is shaved off and the remaining bit is collected into a neat bun at the top.




One can also look at the undercut as worn by singer, Pink. This is not a true blue undercut as the hair is only shaved on either side. But what is the outrageous aspect of this hairdo, is the shocking cotton candy pink shade. If a girl is feeling like going for a super edgy punky look and if they have the attitude to pull this off, then they can certainly go for this look.




A girl can also go for an angled bob-cut with an undercut at the nape. Now how she chooses to design the undercut, is totally up to them. It can involve an intricate design and if she is bold enough, then she can even colour this undercut a shade of blue or pink. This style is sure to turn heads. But if one wishes to mix raw youthfulness with some classic old-world elegance, then the elegant knot on the back of the hair with an undercut is the way to go. This look drips of panache.




Now, there is one undercut design out there that is a total work of art and it is known as an Aztec Frohawk. As a disclaimer, it should be informed that this look isn’t for the faint hearted. In this look, the shaved sides contain Aztec detailing. This look is not only sure to set one apart but is also quite a masterpiece.




Undercuts especially when they are combined with a short haircut are a unique blend of experimentation and edginess. Each of these looks have a character of their own and ladies who are not scared to take a leap of faith can certainly go for these styles that are unforgettable to say the least.

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