Classic Undercut Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to haircut for men, there should not be too much accent on it such that it becomes overdone and results in something gaudy and not so flattering. It is always best to keep it simple. It will gain a thumbs up from the crowd.

Inspired by the look from the 1940s, the classic undercut as become popular choice of haircut for men today. The plus point is that you can add so much ideas to this simple haircut and bring so much diversity. The forms that the classic undercut has gone through from man to man has been tremendous. This is a cut that you can add top knots, a tapered end, layers, and highlights to. There is so much diversity in this single cut that can make it all the more interesting.

The classic undercut features short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top. It is pretty simple yet so dashing.

It’s always a bonus when one haircut can be styled into many different ways. Let’s take a slicked back look for example. It gives such a bad boy-mobster look, imagine Boardwalk Empire and Jimmy Darmody.

This haircut is the hottest trend in men’s fashion that can be seen almost everywhere. Literally everywhere- from little boys, to young college students, to businessmen, to celebrities. It’s for all!

The classic undercut has no exceptions on who can wear it and who cannot. It looks dapper on any man. It can transform any man into his refined glory with the neat clean cut. For those who prefer a more halfway-rugged look, they can always modify the classic cut into any of the different styles that they like.

Whether your hair is straight or curly, or if its black, brunette or blonde, the classic undercut is such a liberal haircut. It has absolutely no discrimination on whom to go. Anybody can get it and still look dandy. Anything goes and it doesn’t require too much effort.

Age isn’t a limitation either. So what if you’re having grey hair. Any man well above their 40s can still rock this look. The silvery streaks just add a style to it. Even grandfathers can show off this cut.

It’s a modern fresh look to what used to be a trend more than half a century back. It’s a must for any man who wants to look sexy and smart, especially with a fine tailored suit on. It’s a smooth road down to being sexy and wanted.

If you want examples of just how good it looks, check out Justin Timberlake. With his short bear and the undercut on his brown hair and a clean pressed suit, he looks like the perfect man to have a date with.

Not satisfied? Have a look at Adam Levine, he looks handsome and a little bit more than just fine with the clean cut. Brad Pitt is another perfect example. If you want a younger example, take Zayn Malik and even Channing Tatum. These men simply make the classic undercut their secret weapon to being the hottest male celebrities. Now, you know what to do for your hair!

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