Undercut For Long-Hair Women



The undercut hairdo for girls is by far one of the trendiest for women in this season. This hairdo however is not for the faint hearted as it is quite bold and only those who are looking for a hairdo that is totally radical in nature can go for this cut. This haircut comes with quite a few variations and is guaranteed to make a  girl standout from the rest of the crowd. This do really works well for those girls who  have long hair.




Girls can tee off with a high topknot and a funky undercut on the back. The best thing about this do, is that girls can simply let the hair down to cover up the undercut when they want to. Women with long hair can also go for a braided updo hairdo with intricate braiding and a snazzily designed undercut on the back.




The blonde  ladies out there can also go for an undercut that will compliment their long golden locks. This undercut is achieved by shaving the hair on the sides of the head to act as a nice contrast with the traditional blonde hair. Girls with long hair can also try shaving off a strip of hair below the parietal ridge. One can show off this subtle undercut by simply braiding the overlay.




Girls with long hair and in love with the undercut can also for a double mini bun look and combine it with a funky hair tattoo underneath. Again by simply letting the hair down, this hair tattoo can be easily concealed in a jiffy. However, girls who are looking for something even bolder can go imbibe some of that funky mermaid style. A green and yellow undercut design on the side combined with flowing mermaidy wave locks is sure to make the heads turn anywhere.




One can also combine the high ponytail with the undercut design. Girls can go for an artistic undercut with a ponytail in a shade of ombre. But if this too sombre for some then nothing quite screams for attention like a shade of vivid purple. So, a messy top bun done up in a shade of purple and an undercut of etched lines on the top of the neck makes for an awesome combination. Another , cool undercut style that goes really well with long hair is the zig-zag undercut. This trendy undercut design can be styled on the hair near the neck while the long hair can be done up stylishly in a high ponytail.




Finally, there is also something for curly haired girls. A girl can go for a pixie undercut which is short on the back bit but the curls can be allowed to fall down on the front. A very different look indeed.




Thus, the pixie undercut is a game-changer of a hairdo in many ways. It is versatile and very quirky to boot. But most of these looks are quite bold and not for the faint hearted! But, each look is as funky as the next one.

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