Undercut Combover For Men



Undercut comb over for men


You can find undercuts wherever you, that’s a guarantee from us! It’s the most trending haircut of 2017! Especially, men are really crazy about undercut comb over style as it gives them an opportunity to get a classy yet fashionable demeanour. And, if you are thinking of chopping some of your locks to beat the summer heat, then this is the best option in offer. A style is a mixture of undercut and comb over which you can carry with ease in any occasion. Comb over area should be kept wet to get that sophisticated appearance. Make sure you apply hair gel to tame your locks.


If in case you don’t know much about the different styling options available for this haircut, then we’re here to help you out. The undercut can be worked into a no fade, taper fade, shaved and razor cuts to give emphasis to this part of the style. The comb over can be pushed to the right to give your style a distinct look. You may style long, medium and shirt hair as a comb over. Let’s get started with different styling options available which would feast one’s eye!


This style looks good for any type of hair. Wavy hair is suitable for undercut comb over as the other textures are also apt. You can have the top of your wavy hair longer and keep the sides and back shorter to get an elegant personality. In order to get neat finish, take a side part. This can be a tramline too which will give a chic look. If the waves too be a little longer, then try sporting low fade to the polished waves. You can push the top waves back to get an urbane comb over. If your love for beard hinders your style statement, then go for a hipster look. Just spice up your waves with some shades of gold and brown as the highlights.


For the curly hairs, give a modern look by going for the latest comb over style. In this haircut, your hair is not pushed to the other side as a traditional comb over. Rather, styling gel is used to make the curls stand tall to give a ravishing presence. The sides are kept low to throw limelight on the top curls. This is best option if you have sun kissed curls. Or, feel free to go for the usual top curls with taper fade sides. Divide the undercut and comb over with a deep side part. You will look just flamboyant!


You can just sport whatever look you want with your sleek and silky straight tresses. It can be combed over in a way the top fringe falls on the eyebrows with an angle. Make layers out of the top hair to become a heart-throb. You may as well get a soft pompadour comb over to get a versatile as possible. Best suit if you own an oval shaped face. You can keep your top hair tight and sides shaved or as a skin fade. To get aesthetic as possible, sport a beard along with hairstyling. Man, we’re happy to guide you. Now, go get your girl by just sporting this eye-catching hairdo!

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