Undercut Bob Haircuts For Women



Undercut bob haircuts for women


It’s bob and bob wherever you go! The out dated fashion is back in the mix with a bang. The latest undercuts of bob is gaining fame and recognition everywhere. In case, you were thinking of sporting a simple bob then hold on; we’re here to prove you why you should go for undercut bob rather than usual bob. This article will help you to understand about the different types of undercut bobs available for women who crave to be with the ongoing trend. All you should have to be with the trend which is making men insane and now women too joined the club, is hair. It can be short, medium or long, you can sport your undercut with any such bob.


Undercut bob is a style of haircut where a part of the head is kept really short to sport an energetic image. The undercut is made interesting by using razor cuts. It can be a geometrical design or any creative pattern which is eye-catching. If you’re even more daring, then you may shave your undercut too. Beware! A shaved side may not go well with all. If you’re still keen on sporting this look, then get your hairdresser’s advice and go for the bold move. You can feel free to experiment as hair will ultimately grow later.


Talking about getting creative, you may as well get creative with hair colour too. Opt for Smokey lavender and streak your locks to get amazingly incredible personality. Concentrate on your side undercut to get two razor cuts. This insane haircut can cover the undercut whenever you want. Another bob which helps you to play with texture and colour is lengthy gold undercut bob. In this type, your long hair can sport a top bun to reveal your undercut designs in the back. Add extra edge to your bun by painting it gold to contrast your natural black mane.


Still not convinced? Then, go for top pixie or Mohawk with shaved sides and designs in the back. You can spice it up more by giving it a platinum makeover colour. To add variety to undercut side, go for a cross over to make a diagonal part. One side, you should keep your short undercut and on the other side keep your comb over locks. In order to keep it a bit subtle, you need not add colours to it, just keep it simple with jet black.


To add a feminine touch, keep your hair in form of ponytails, braids and buns. But, don’t forget to sport your designs in the back of the hair to make your own style statement. To make extreme visual appeal, just pair your undercut with turquoise, mulberry and plum, blue and green hue. Just go for your desired combination of top hair, sides, undercuts, patterns and colours. If you still have doubts, you should consult your hairstylist to know whether undercut bob is your cup of tea! Have fun by finding the right vivid look!

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