Under Braid Hairstyle



Under braids are yet another different way in styling one’s hair. Braids are always a great way to style messed up hair and the amount of effort that goes into a braid is worth it as they give a girl’s hair quite the glamorous look with a lot  of oomph to boot. These classy under braids also come in quite a few different variations and girls are a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing one.




Girls blessed with long hair can go for the casual under braid. This hairdo comprises of a Mohawk on top and a ponytail or a braided bun on the back.


One can also go for a very modern U braid and this hairdo can be finished in a curly ponytail or even a top knot.




Now, if a girl wants to go for an under braid hairstyle that helps to keep her hair together rather than messy, then she can go for the cornrows styled into a tight bun. This hairdo helps keep the hair moulded together and enables a girl to go about her daily tasks without having to constantly touch up her hair.




But, girls who want a bit of both both worlds can go for an Afro style under braid with the front of the hair all braided up close to the scalp whole the hair on the back is let loose in a dramatic looking Afro puff ponytail. This variation of the under braid hairdo lends a lot of volume to a girl’s hair.




However, girls who are willing to experiment a bit with their hair can go for  spiral design in their under braid and then just pair it up with a straight ponytail.Girls can also for a low braided bun or ponytail with a mixture of both thick and thin cornrows.




But, if one is seeking a truly unique look with the under braids, then she can go for the triple braided hairdo with the three  braids running parallel to each other,all the way down to the nape of the neck where it can be finished off in an elegant little bun. A very sophisticated look indeed.




Girls with curly hair can go for a braided headband look. But if this look is too mundane then one can go for the gorgeous looking crown braid. This hairdo can be reserved for the special occasions and can always be brightened up by a two tone colour scheme.




Colour and underbraids work quite well with this hairdo too. Girls who have opted for the cornrows can always go for a two tone colour scheme and red colour cornrows on dark hair look awesome.Girls can also go for the three raised braids and they can also colour them in a magnificent shade of burgundy. One can also go for the more understated light brown highlights on dark hair.




These are some of the best hairdos that girls can go for with the under braid style. The under braid is almost like a niche hairstyle and is an eye-catching style in most guises.

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