U-Line Haircut For Women



The U-line haircut is in nature similar to the V-line haircut and it is known to work well with short, medium and long length hair. The U-line haircut is largely rounded on the sides  and adds a lot of depth to a girl’s hair. This haircut is very popular and comes in quite a few variations.




One of the most graceful versions of the  U haircut is the long sleek U cut on a mane of dark hair. This hairdo is great for hair that is fine and smooth and helps make a girl look effortlessly elegant. But, if a girl likes curly hair then she can go for a  U cut with some bouncy curls. Soft curls not only amplify the oomph factor of this look but also lend a girl’s overall look some character.




However if a girl is confused between a U and a V cut, then she can go for a hairdo that falls in between. To get this look, the girl must cut her hair such that it falls just below the shoulders and when combined with curls that are soft and free, she will have a hairdo that is very stylish and very sexy.




But, U-cuts are not just about the long haircuts. One can also for a short U bob cut. This style looks great on a mane of blonde hair and helps a girl get a look that is low on maintenance and full of attitude. Girls can also go for a short U cut coloured in a dramatic shade of red. And, with a side bang, this look is  sure to turn heads anywhere. Again, this look just drips of panache and exudes oodles of persona.




However, if a U-cut coloured in a shade of red sounds too dramatic, then one can go for a blonde ombre U-cut. This hairdo is a lot more sobre  looking than one in a hue of red.It looks better when the ends of the hair terminate in soft bouncy curls. This hairdo is not only very classy but lends a girl a look that is effortlessly very stylish.




But, if girls are wanting to make a really bold statement  with their U-cut long hair then they can always colour it a shade of red. This hairdo is guaranteed to arrest attention but this look isn’t for the faint hearted. Girls wanting to go for this look will need some degree of attitude to be able to  pull off this rather outrageous do. However if all this sounds too much in the face, then one can for the slightly understated U cut with choppy layers and highlights that stick closer to the natural hair color. So girls with brown hair can go for shades of chocolate or brown. This look again is very elegant if not sensuous.




Thus, these are some of the best U cuts that girls can experiment with. None of these looks are that hard to achieve and maintenance too isn’t much of a worry in the case of most of these hairdos apart from maybe the ones that need some colouring. But each of these looks add a lot of  zing to a girl’s overall appearance and are very trendy and chic.

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