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Former super model and TV star, ‘Tyra Banks’ is also an American artist and a businesswoman. She seems to collect hairstyles as hip-hoppers collect sneakers and over the years, Tyra mix up her looks. Tyra is more an epitome of hairstyles.


As Tyra, hair is naturally sleek with falling below her shoulder length and during her dynamic tenure in the spotlight, she has sported with most of the popular hairstyles, including from bob to fringes, curls or cornrows and even flattened crop. Moreover, she has undergone major makeover that could sometimes shock her fans.


Tyra mostly chose to stay with her own weave-less black hair, which is very casual and cool look. Once, Banks modeled couture on the Paris runways with very polished sleek low bun. She even went with no makeup flawlessly.


After her initial stages, the up-coming model went for a chin length bob cut with loose curls from the roots and side partition. This style nailed her senior yearbook photo.


She even went for braided cornrows temporarily that fall off until her shoulder line. Tyra even learned to do her own makeup backstage at the fashion shows. To the cornrows style, she did touch of orange blush and mascara that matches with her golden skin tone.


From the cornrows look, her hairstylist blow-dried her hair and kept the hair away from her face, which show off her beautiful shoulder and neck. She then curled it loosely by setting it to Velcro rollers and teased the crown back to add fullness look.


Tyra at a certain period become a lover of loose or tight curls and debuted many events with the curly hair look. To the Espy awards, she made tight curls and accentuated with a flower to finish the look. Banks went high glam as the host of ‘America’s Next Top Model’, donning with hair weaves and false lashes.


Then from curls, again she went to her old sleek straight hair with blunt end fringes. Moreover, the fringes reaches her eyes and the sleek hair hitting the shoulder line, was so lovely and sexy to look.


To the ANTM host, she played up with her grown out bangs. She left the bangs off centre parted and teased back the crown hair to get a fluffy look. She added glam to the style with her green eyes and smoky shadow black eyeliner.


Her most favorite style was the sleek straight hair without bangs and centre partition look. Due to the centre partition, the hair falls over her face that frames her long face and softens the features. To the same sleek straight hair, sometimes she went for side partition and left the remaining hair to hang onto one side.


Tyra switched her hairstyle from either sleek straight hair to lose waves, to most of the events. Later, she went for a short pixie cut with scattered spikes. Now, recently she shared a selfie with something new locks.


Nevertheless, with all these hairstyles she dyed her hair equally with new shades. From dark blonde shades with caramel highlights to light blonde color, she went for everything.

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