Two French Braid Hairstyle



The French braid has nothing to do with France apparently. On the contrary, it is the people of North Africa who are said to have given birth to this look and have been sporting the style for thousands of years. But that is what experts at say about this quite popular style.  If a girl is willing to go for this style then she has quite a few variations to choose from.




A girl can go for the very stylish messy side bun with the double French braid. This double French braid look is one of the most popular looks of 2017 and it looks very stylish, to say the least.  But then who says that a girl must keep the two French braids separate. One can join the two French braids together and combine the two into one elegant and stunning ponytail.




One can also let the two French braids fall on either side and add a final finishing touch to this already classy look by colouring the braids in a flattering shade of ombre! A truly mesmerizing look indeed. One can even add a ponytail to the double French braid style. This eye-catching style is perfect for all occasions be it formal or informal.




A girl can even combine French braids with feminine pigtails to pull off a cute yet classic look. But if a girl loves the flowery textures then she can simply go for the double French braid but one that is then styled into flowers. A bit of glitter can then just top off this fairy-tale look! But, if she wants to for something that will make her look classy and elegant, then a double French braid crown, with a texture that is crimped is a lovely style to go for.




Another classy look is the French crown braid and bun up-do. This style is messily beautiful and a girl when styling her hair in this manner should aim for a disorganized quality rather than perfection. Another quirky yet effortlessly elegant French braid hairstyle is the half-up half-down Y braid. This look is easy to achieve and is one of those styles that seems to have come right out of a fairy tale.




If one wants to add a bit of mysticism to her overall hairstyle, then one can go for the mermaid braid look. This look is sure to turn heads and amplify the style quotient of a girl to a great degree. But if a girl wants to stick to the fairy-tale theme, she can seek some inspiration from Rapunzel. The Rapunzel inspired look mixes the double French braid with long curly hair beautifully to create a look that is a timeless classic.




The double French braid may have not been invented by the French but this style packs a punch like no other hairstyle in the business. The look is a eyecatcher from the word go and is sure to turn heads like crazy at any event, formal or informal. This look when pulled off well enough is sure to make a long-lasting impression.

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