Two Dutch Braid Hairstyle



The Dutch braid hairstyle has really caught on in recent times. This braid which looks like an inside-out one may seem quite complicated but it isn’t that difficult to master at all. All it needs is just a bit of practice. It is like a French braid and instead of mixing with the hair, it is placed on the crown. This style also has a quite a few variations which just add to its growing appeal.




One can start off with the double Dutch braided up-do. This look is perfect for girls with medium to long hair. It might seem complicated but it is quite easy to pull off. But if one feels like straying away from the ordinary, then a zig-zag parting on a traditional double Dutch braid looks quite funky and classy at the same time. One can also go for a series of inverted braids for the dark braided river look.




But if a girl wants to highlight her beautiful face, then the lived-in look double Dutch braid is just perfect. The double Dutch braid mixed with pigtail braids creates a voluminous look and is tightly held together to create this awesome style which can be further highlighted using a combination of ombre and dark colours. Another great look is the loose double Dutch braid that lends a romantic feel to the overall look.




Now, if a girl is blessed with sleek dark hair, then a reverse dual braid gives her a very Gothic look. But at the same time, this look is very avantgarde! Ladies can also go for a double Dutch braid that terminates in curly pigtails. A cool shade of caramel just makes this style look even more beautiful. One can also go for a double Dutch braid with a parting in the middle and for a more emphatic look, it should be done from half way down!




But, if a girl is in the mood for something edgy and elaborate, then she can pair up an undercut with a double Dutch braid. This braid can also be finished off in a fishtail. But if funkiness is a girl’s motto, she can colour her double Dutch braids in a shade of lavender. This look is sure to turn heads anywhere she goes but is best reserved for the informal events.




One can also go for the “braid kiss” where the braids start from the temple before being styled outwards and finally finished off in two pigtails. But if one wishes to go for a look that screams for attention from the get-go, then she can go for an inverted double Dutch braid coloured in a shade of neon.




Double Dutch braids are an incredible fashion statement and it beautifully compliments both casual and elegant looks. The look can be simple, messy, elegant, classy, edgy and even simply outlandish. It all depends on the wearer’s personal tastes. These facets lend this hairstyle great versatility and the best bit? This look is perfect for women of all ages!

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