Twisted Braids Hairstyles For Women



Twisted braids which is a protective hairstyle for black women have long been admired for how beautiful they  look. This hairdo adds length to a girl’s hair and also creates volume. These twisted braids which are the go to style for black women come  in a lot of great variations.




A girl can show off a new style by going for big twisted braids. The braids are thick and also make the hair look really long and gorgeous. A girl is bound to look classy and beautiful if she opts for this style. Girls can also go for the quirky Senegalese twists. This hairdo also makes a girl’s hair look long and if one throws in some red highlights, then this is destined to be quite an eye-catching look.




One can also go for tiny Senegalese twists which are small twisted braids and more delicate looking yet quite sophisticated in its own demure way.


However, if a girl is looking for some understated elegance, then a twisted rope braid is the way to go. The rope braid can be designed either in a loose or a tight fashion. It all depends on a girl’s personal tastes.




But, it just isn’t the black girls who can have fun with twisted braids. Twisted braids also look great on girls with blonde hair. However, going back to black hair from which this style draws its inspiration, the Afro girls can also go for tight crochet braids. This look is not only very natural but it also has a very funky texture.




Now, the crochet braids also work with short haircuts. Girls can also go for the short crochet twist braids which look not only laidback but also stylish at the same time. But, if one is willing to labour towards a beautifully intricate hairdo with the twisted braids, then one can go for the funky banana twist braids hairstyle.




Twisted braids can also be designed to form a look that is edgy and beautiful and by doing up the twisted braids in a stunning high bun, a girl can fulfill this objective. Now, hair colours also go well with the twisted braids hairdos. A girl who wishes to go down that path can go for a thick box braid hairstyle and then colour it in a very romantic shade of burgundy. In fact the burgundy hue can also be applied on the long crochet braids hairstyle and it also works well with a box twist braid and a mid bun hairdo.




But if burgundy doesn’t quite cut it, then one can go for the very flamboyant Havana twist hair which comprises of streaks of  golden hair peeking  out from behind the natural ones. Now, if a girl wishes to go for a haircut that sticks to her natural look as much as possible, then she can go for the freetress braided hairstyle. This hairdo not only adds volume but also embodies the word  funky like no other hairdo.




In a nutshell, these are some of the coolest twisted braids hairstyles that one can go for. These hairdos exude persona and are not only very trendy but also very unique.

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