Twist Hairstyles For Black Women



67. Twist hairstyles for black women:


Are you a woman who is bored wearing your hair either curly, wavy, un braided? Well, then worry no more, because twists are here to save you.  The twist hairstyles are a substitute for braids that are worn by African women. Twists have a distinct advantage when compared to braids – they are simpler and easier to make and do not take up as much time. This is very beneficial for beginners. In addition to that fact, twist hairstyles provide many other benefits as well: it protects your natural hair, helps maintain hair and acts as an excellent base for many hairstyles. Twists vary type and quality (like twists that hang loosely or flat twist that are plaited like cornrows near the scalp). Other types of twists are Senegalese twists, Havana twists, Marley twists, kinky twists. You could choose twists depending on the size and types. You can style your twists in different ways.


The chunky flat twist bun is a famous twist hairstyle. It allows you to look formal and protects your hair from damage due to heat and other factors. To add more flair you could make use of extensions. Instead of the usual twist style, you could opt for the versatile braids and twist. Corn rows are also a good choice if you are looking for a long lasting option. This hairstyle is very versatile and goes with many other hairstyles like Mohawk’s or buns. Flat twists with bangs is another hairstyle that you could try. It is a very trendy and versatile hairstyle and helps protect your hair from damage as well. Thinner braids at the forehead can be used as bangs.


The half updo bun with shoulder length twists is another popular hairstyle. It a very relaxed and fun look. You could add more dimension to your look by accessorizing it with the help of clips or hairbands. Hats also go really well with these kinds of hairstyles.


The simple twist is a famous Senegalese twist hairstyle. The twists are shoulder length and allow your hair to fall naturally. The wavy texture of the hair gives you a soft look. If you are a woman who thinks that Senegalese twists don’t look good for short hair then you are wrong. Senegalese twists can even be worn as a bob. The tight coils give you a dramatic look. You can also braid your Senegalese twists. The braids help form a nice look at the sides and the front. A tight shape is formed across the forehead because of the twists.


To create a Senegalese twist look that stands out, add many different textures to your hair. You can also dye it or try the ombre effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment. A style works well during the summer and helps reduce frizz is the natural wave. By parting your hair to the side, the length becomes uneven and this adds more dimensions to your look.


A lot of people would love to have this special type of hair, and you should treat it thankfully and carefully. You just need to let your imagination fly and try different things you thought would never look good on you, and you’ll be surprised with the results. Something you should also do is planning ahead the hairstyles for the week and practice so you know how long it takes you to do each one.  That way you’ll optimize your time in the morning and still have time to look flawless anywhere you go!

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