TWA Hairstyles For Black Women

TWA Hairstyles for black women:

When people usually think of natural hair, they tend to think of beautiful, thick, wild and robust afros. On the contrary, sporting afro hair doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be long, it could be short as well. TWA stands for Teeny Weeny Afro hairstyles. Today, these hairstyles are extremely popular and are the crazy of African American women. TWA is a natural hairstyle which is short. It usually consists of a maximum length of 2 inches. It is the kind of style usually chosen post a big haircut as a result of either heat damage or a change from relaxed hair to natural hair.

The TWA hairstyle is neither boring nor mundane as people assume. On the contrary it can actually look quite cute and flattering. People tend to think that much cannot be done with short hair but this couldn’t be further away from the truth. We have some very cute ideas that we would like to share with you. You could try experimenting with crazy colours or work with the most unexpected texture. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your afro. There is so much potential that your hair has.

The blonde TWA is a striking and chic look. It looks very smart and classy. Short hair can look really sexy on women and the TWA with etched nape haircut is proof. This is an attractive and well done design that is bound to make heads turn. You could also try the funky temple fade in which. You could get this hairstyle can keeping the hair on top long and shaving of the sides in the form of a square. This hairstyle helps add dimension to naturally curly hair and looks extremely stylish as well.

You can choose to keep it simple by getting the neat natural coils look. Accept your tight, uncoloured and natural curls. This hairstyle will help your natural features and your bone structure. The soft blonde afro is a very classy TWA. The curls will frame your face very naturally and will help accentuate your features. You could choose to channel the Amber Rose inside you and get a White Blonde Buzz cut. This hairstyle looks extremely sexy. You don’t need to worry as your hair will grow out eventually.

The TWA with Ombred Quiff is another famous TWA hairstyle. Owing to the fact that the front is a little longer, the cut will not look very short and the burst of colour at the front will make sure that you look trendy as well. The natural auburn curls is a cute TWA hairstyle as well. You could choose to dye your hair in a colour that will accentuate your skin tone. Auburn, cherry bronze and copper are great colours to work with.

Also remember that celebrities are the kind of people you can always look up to when you need inspiration, and you can just look at some pictures to have more ideas. Try to be real to what you are and let your imagination fly freely, and recreate some of her best looks! You can mix it up however you’d like, as well as adding more stuff to it, or being as basic and simple as you want, which is never a bad thing.


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