Top Korean Hairstylesfor Men 2019



Top Korean hairstyles for men 2019


With Korean Pop gaining limelight in music industry, so are their hairstyles in the fashion industry! The latest hairstyles sported by the artists have attracted a mass number of followers. We’re here to decode all such hairstyles which ruled the nation. This list will help to take inspiration in order to get a trendy hairstyle which you desired for a long time now.


All the Korean men out there! A simple bowl cut is no more the only option available for your silky straight locks. You may feel free to add more detailing to your bowl or you may change the texture altogether too. Talking about bowl cut, you may pair it with attractive colours to be in the trend. In the year 2019, reddish peach colour has taken the nation by storm. It is preferred from to roots to the tip of the hair. Don’t you think, you’ll look ultra-cool with that colour on your head?


If you want keep to keep your hair simple yet fashionable, try out metrosexual hair! You’re hair has to be kept to the natural colour or chocolate brown to achieve this look. Make sure, you have your fringe cut in a manner that it would fall into your eyes to get the K-pop look. Or, you take your brown hair to another league by just twisting your lock a bit. You may as well as some Mahogany highlight to get a heart-throb look. The reddish-brown highlights will give you a simply great appearance.


In case, you’re looking for a hairstyle which would bring out your masculine attitude, we’ll recommend you to go for some spiky style. Pair your black hair with reddish streaks to make you look trendy and elegant. Don’t want an elegant look? Then, feel free to get your creative hats on! You should go for a lengthy top in the right and get some razor cuts in the left. The razor cut can be in any geometrical shape but step razor is most popular in Korea.


Blonde brings a refreshing look to your boring hair. Just making your curls more interesting by sporting a razor cut in the left and let the curls flow freely in the right. The dramatic style will catch the eyeball of your crush too. Then, what are waiting for? Go and get this fabulous look right now!


If you’re looking for a lighter blonde, then pair it with white. Get a bowl cut and colour the top in light white blonde and keep the sides as brown. This particular look will be visual treat to all the lovers of art and fusion. For all those who love bob, feel free to let loose your locks after a bit of styling. These interesting styles will just make the member of glam club. Just sporting a trendy and up-to-date haircut can actually make you as a trend-setter, who would inspire another thousand of people. We’re happy to help you find the on going trend, hope this article is helpful. Happy styling super smart Koreans!

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