Top Korean Hairstyles For Women 2019



Top Korean hairstyles for women 2019


When we hear about Korean women, all we remember is how cute they look. We’re here with something to make them look ever cuter with an amazing set of hairdo. Hair is something which adds more prettiness to already pretty women. So, in this case, hair of Koreans can actually make them cutest as it is a treasure to any girl. We’re here to discuss in detail about some amazing hairstyles that you should try which has been trending the year 2019. If you’re Asian women, don’t let go of this opportunity to know more about the trend prevailing in Korea!


Let’s get started with few hairstyles which are simply gorgeous to try out. Firstly, you can opt for bob, as it is easy to carry as well as maintain. It makes life uncomplicated in spite of your busy schedule. If you have a heart shaped face, then the best bob to try out in 2019 is chin bob with a side part. The side hair covers the cheeks and the part helps the hair to reach till chin of a person. In case, you are dead tired of working with a silky sleek hair, you should go for wavy bob. You will fall head over the heel for this fabulous hairdo. The wavy texture is the element which adds a tonne of beauty to this style on any hair.


Back to the past, you can try out the traditional 1950’s bob which is back in trend. You can look sexy with this haircut as the whole focus of this bob is lips. The chic bob is sharp and urbane, which would be loved by the urban public to get a contemporary look. Secondly, if in case, you’re unhappy with bob, and looking for something much shorter, and then go for pixie. You should make your pixie to standout by just having wild bangs in the front. This style will be helpful to define your facial features well.


Thirdly, curl up your hair and sport really amazing golden locks! This particular look will make you look really breath-taking. Just take middle or side part to your tresses as manageable as possible and let it flow freely into your back. Wear an ultra-cool cap to get the desired chic look. Fourthly, keep your locks elegant by sporting a stunning top knot at the back with side bangs in the front. Or, take a middle part and make two top knots fro your straight bangs.


Finally, talking about texture and style is not enough to look fashionable; colours should be part of the mixture to get the desired trendy look. Lavender ash-brown is the shade you should be looking to sport to be in fashion as it is influencing many in the fashion industry. Or, keep it simple with just ash-brown, chestnut brown or gold for your long side swept hair or side braids. Have fun experimenting with your gorgeous hair and become a trend-setter!

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