The Winona Ryder Hairstyle



Winona Ryder is perhaps the epitome of uniqueness in  the glitzy and glamourous world that is Hollywood. She is not the usual run of the mill actress who would drop her clothes just for the sake of stardom. No, she does everything, her own way. Thus, even though she was deemed ‘not enough’ for the big screen, she just brushed aside the barb and rose to dizzying heights, starring opposite the likes of Michael Keaton, the ever-versatile Johnny Depp and the actor extraordinaire Gary Oldman.




Her strong independent personality not only reflects in the varied roles that she does but also in the way she styles her hair. In an article for the Vogue magazine, critic Ally Betker had this to say:




“It’s the actress’s first major fashion campaign in more than a decade—and it took only one look at her sleek pixie to spark a renewed obsession with the nineties poster-child’s ever-changing hairstyles.”




But then, Winona Ryder had made the pixie haircut her own in the 1990’s. Winona would don this look time and again in the nineties much before the Spice Girls star, Victoria Beckham said goodbye to her curls. Winona and her short pixie haircut, which highlighted the delicacy of her facial structure and her beautiful brown eyes, were synonymous. Her pixie cut  is regarded as one of the best of its type, ever.




But, she hasn’t stopped at just the pixie haircut. She has been pictured in a long and straight casual look, one that is befitting of a wedding ceremony. This is nothing but an up-do where the locks of her brunette hair are pulled back and pinned at the back of the head.




At the 35th AFI Life Achievement awards she had her hair pulled up into a soft upstyle while adding waves to give her hair the volume and a much fuller finish. However, being the quirky girl, she is, she has even experimented with razored layers while leaving some length at the sides to pull off a look that is both creative and low on the maintenance scale.




Not, all of Winona’s experiments have been welcomed though, in equal measure. At the 1996 Academy awards she went for what she described as a “20’s finger-wave thing”. Some people loved her look while others panned it. But then, she is not one to be bowed down by criticism. She only shrugged it off in the most logical way.








Winona Ryder has always made bold career choices. She has worked with one of the quirkiest directors, Tim Burton and earned recognition doing some offbeat movies like Beetlejuice; romancing a man with scissors for hands in Edward Scissorhands opposite her future flame, Johnny Depp and then romancing Gary Oldman in a gothic romance.




Hence, she has never been one to play it safe and she doesn’t try to be different. It just comes naturally to her and it is something that she enjoys doing. Her sense of style reflects that and she has personally admitted that she has never been too fussy about the way she does up her hair and often she does it herself. Instead of spending hours at the salon. She is not only unique in that way, it essentially makes her who she is. An enigmatic star with her own sense of style.

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