The Chelsea Haircut



This is 21st century and women around the globe are no longer afraid to experiment with their look. From different hairstyles to different make-up and clothes, everything has taken a whole new level and everyone around the globe is sporting various different styles and look.


Once there was a time when women showed their rebellious and brave sides by shaving their heads; or going for scalp piercing and stuff; but now that the trend is no longer hot, another rebellious haircut is doing its rounds these days and girls love it.


There are many reason why the haircut is so popular among the ladies – it is easy to pull off, it is low maintenance and last but not the least, it makes you look beautiful, glamorous and yet way too strong. The haircut has a strong sense of personality that attracts the women and this is the reason why everyone is crushing over this haircut.


This popular haircut is nothing but the Chelsea Haircut and it is one of the most popular hairstyles among the girls around the globe is these days. Now, you must have seen a lot of women wearing the haircut, but unable to name the same. It is because this haircut is mostly seen among the girls who have a punkish approach to life.


The Chelsea haircut is basically a short haircut for women where the side burns and the fringes are long and the main portions of the hair features clippered hair.


Many women love to sport the Chelsea haircut and color them with different bold colors. Some love to add peacock blue colors on the fringes while some others love to add golden, dark red or copper hair colors. The whole idea of the Chelsea haircut is to be bold and yet beautiful and that’s exactly what the haircut makes you feel like – bold and beautiful.


The length of the fringes, side burns and the clippered is completely based on your personal choice. However, the clippered should be between 3-8th inches and not more than that.


There are two types of Chelsea haircuts that you can choose from. One is the Chelsea Hawk and the other one is the Chelsea Staub cut.


The Chelsea Mohawk cut is basically a blend between the Chelsea cut and the Mohawk hairstyle. In this haircut you need to make spike on the centre of your head instead of fringes. The spikes are meant to stand straight completely and the rest of your hair has to be shaved off entirely. You can also make different designed patterns on your head while you are shaving the rest of your hair.


Compared to the Chelsea Mohawk cut, Chelsea Staub cut is quite conventional. The main part of the hair is cut either into a short or a long bob. And when it comes to the hair near your ears and nape, it is either shaved or trimmed.


While you want to pull off such bold hair cut, make sure you have the confidence to carry. And your facial structure also matters a lot when you want to go for such haircuts. But, if you know how to pull it off, it will make you look just amazing!

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