The Braid Knot Hairstyles


Braids are a blessing for those days when we are just too tired of the boring flowing hair. Plus, it’s a savior during the bad hair days when we absolutely cannot afford to let it loose. It’s been there since decades, centuries even and it here to stay for as long as we have hair on our head. Thus we should rightly assume that braids are here to stay forever.

The past seasons picked up the trend of beautiful intricate braids that left us speechless for a couple of seconds. While not all of us have expert fingers that can braid these beautiful works of art, we all love to wear them on our heads.

The braided knot hairstyles are so versatile and it comes in many pretty designs, we simply do not know which one to pick even.

We start with the French braid which thankfully, most of us know how to do. Whether you start it off from the front and pull the rest up into a pretty ballerina bun, or you do it in a series of rows, it’s all up to how much braids we want.

Trying the inverted French braid from the nape of the neck and braiding it all the way to the top and having a voluminous bun sitting there is a nice twist. Often called the Mohawk braid knot, this gives a funky and rebellious feel to any girl sporting the look.

The mermaid knot with its series of swirls running down the back of the head gives such a fairytale look. Who doesn’t want to look like a pretty little mermaid.

The romantic bun is a choice for those summer outdoor weddings and tea parties. With the elegant twists and knots racing to a nest like bun on the nape, it’s a suitably, a vision to look forward to.

Other styles include braids wrapping around ponytails like a secured elastic band. Those with inverted French braids from the crown of the head and a messy knot in a half up and half down fashion give a 90s pop look. This is just glam with layered highlights and light toned hair.

Celtic knot braids are also popular among the younger generation. Worn in either headbands or just as two strand loops, they are intricate and a little intimidating but with a little patience they look like an artwork.

Faux braids are also a stylish option to go to when we don’t know what else to do with our hair. It looks intricate but is relatively easy to do oneself. Many knots are made for the braid effect.

A suebian knot which originally comes from Germany is a historical hairstyle for men. In this, hair is tied back into knots after combing either behind the head or sideways.

The knot hawk style is a variation that looks similar to a French braid, but is done in knots and pinned inside at the nape of the neck. This is ideal on medium length hair.

With so many styles and forms of the knotted braid, there are many options to choose from. There is more than enough to try a different one for every day of the week.

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