Textured Hairstyles For Women



There is an inherent reason why many girls out there prefer short haircuts to long and flowing locks. It is much easier to maintain. Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a girl must maintain long hair to be stylish. There is so much that can be done with a nice short haircut. It is all about playing with the myriad styles that are out there by using texture and volume to one’s advantage.




By simply texturizing the hair into strands and then combining some razor cuts, can transform the mundane short haircut into something stunning. Stars like Taylor Swift and Carey Mulligan swear by their short haircuts and keep pulling off looks that simply takes one’s breath away. This look retains the benefits of any short haircut like a pixie cut but the look is very effective when it comes to making a girl look pretty.




A short-textured pixie cut is a good place to start for all the blond girls out there. This look lends the hair and the girl wearing it a lot of personality. For all the pretty women, out there with a sharp jawline, a short-textured bob haircut will do wonders. This look makes the overall look very chic and edgy.




Going back to pixie haircuts, a nicely textured cut with a parting on the left can amplify the oomph factor for any pretty girl. But if one is into bob cuts, then a bob cut with textured hair like Rosie Huntington Whiteley is sure to turn heads. But it is not just the blond girls who can have all the fun with textured cuts.  A cute textured dark pixie cut is just as eye-catching!




But apparently blonds can have a lot of fun with textured cuts. A textured blond pixie haircut with bangs is a scintillating look and very cool in a sensuous kind of way. But texture isn’t all about bangs and curls. If one prefers a smooth look, then a very chic bob haircut with textured slick hair is just perfect.


Then there is the funkiness. Girls can also go for textured pixie cut with a dramatic undercut. In this look, the hair is basically shaved on the sides while leaving a Mohawk like volume on the top. Very funky indeed. A shade of platinum blonde will make it look classy too.


But for all the dark-haired girls out there who don’t want their hair in any other shade, there is the dark short textured haircut with curls on the end. A very playful look indeed. One can also go for a very cute short layered haircut with some bangs thrown in for good measure. If one loves the hair over the eyes effect, this is one super look.




So, textures do a lot for the short haircut. They add volume, character and some effortless panache. The best thing is that it is quite an easy look to adopt and handle. When pulled off right, it is both classy and functional. These two virtues will perhaps give this style a very long and fruitful life.

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